Sunday, 28 February 2010

Surprise from Prima??

That's Right! Prima is giving away two more AMAZING prize packages in conjunction with our BIG SECRET!
We want EVERYONE to have a chance to win so we are changing the rules a bit.
  • Please copy this write-up and link us on your blog, Facebook, or any other site that you frequent (please follow their TOU). 
  • Then post here with a link to your blog, Facebook or site post for your chance to win BIG with Prima!
  • One US and one International winner will be chosen on Thursday, March 4th, 2010.

And we are getting closer and closer to revealing our secret-it won't be long now!
Just a couple more days of suspense!
OK - here is the link for Prima - go check it out and see what is going on!


Friday, 26 February 2010

Bit of a grumble!

It seems to me that some people out in blogland are getting a bit grumpy!  I poodle around on my little blog run each day - and see just sooooo much inspiration.  But I also see quite a few people moaning and wanted to put the other side of the coin as it were.  All of these are examples I have seen on my travels - and dont relate to my blog or my candy! 

They moan about having to do things to enter candy - it is a shame that some people have to miss out on candy because there are sooo many things to be done to enter it, but then thats the perogative of the person setting the candy!

They moan about people going around and hunting for candy - I have found lots of candy  (take a look at my sidebar!) - although I dont actually HUNT it as such.  The way I look at this is, if you dont want "candy hunters" then restrict it to followers who are following before a certain cut off, or dont advertise it - I know of someone who is doing that and its absolutely fine!  I love winning candy and am not ashamed to admit it! Lol.  It gives me such a buzz when I get a parcel through the door, I love opening it and discovering all the goodies - I love that someone else has chosen the materials inside and that this can push me outside my box!  And not least, it means I can have goodies that I wouldnt have been able to afford - as you all know, there is a lot of yummy stuff out there and we cant buy everything!  I also think its good for companies as it means their goodies are put into the hands of someone who may well buy some more in the future!

I have candy and am happy that anyone enters it - it brings people to my blog, allows me to widen the circle of people who I know and also advertises my DT work to a wider audience (to me, it just has to be good!). 

People have also started complaining that not enough people leave comments on their blogs!  I am soooo guilty of this one - I hop around (am following nigh on 300 blogs currently!) and just love seeing the inspirational offerings out there.  But more often than not, I dont have the time to comment - I leave as many as I can, but couldnt possibly leave comments on every blog! 

AND NOW I AM MOANING!!! LOLx - no not really, just feel that there is always another side to a situation and wanted to put the other side.  But then, thats because I am a Libra!!!

Have a great day everyone and big hugs to you all - moaners and smilers alike!  I will post another card and not just ramblings soon!!!


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Free Image from Doodle Palace

OK - hope I have this right....just went over to Doodle Palace blog - and if you enter their next challenge (a sketch) then you will get a free image - just for entering!  How cool is that?  Just had to pop up and let you all know!  And have just been back to re-read it - and this is right!  So, go over and enter for your free image!


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Pink Gem Candy

Fancy some new stamps?  Well pop over to Pink Gem and enter their candy - click on the pic in my sidebar!  They have a brand new Challenge blog - here - so why dont you take the time to check that out too!

Thanks for looking


Monday, 22 February 2010

Mo Manning, Doodle Palace, Dustin Pike and a quilt update!

This was scraping in under the wire!  This is my entry to Doodle Palace challenge - which was to show more than one score...ok, I did say it was a quick make! Did it in my lunch break!  I just really didnt want to let the girlies down!

And covered by the flap is this fabby Mo Manning image!  This is one of my fave images - just makes me laugh so much!

The flap is held shut with a funny paperclippy thing - got a box with them in from Tesco!

These were the cards that my son's class mates made for Delia.  There was an appeal over on Dustin Pike's site and he offered some lovely owl images for the cards.  These have been sent over to name check for the school - Raphael Independent School in Hornchurch!

And this final pic is an update for the girlies over at Order of the Opus Gluei - I took part in their soup and nuts challenge a while ago.  The idea was to talk about something you were starting (the soup!) and something you had finished (the nuts!).  I started this are the triangles which are now all made (just have to do the smaller ones...and everything else!).  My finished was a homemade carrot and coriander soup.  Someone asked for the recipe....some carrots (quite alot if you want alot of soup!) and some coriander (not so much!) - some veggie stock.  mmmmmm - thats it really!  Oh and some onions!  If you feel like putting them in!  hee hee!

Gotta go and do some more work now!

thanks for looking


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Guest DT!!

Woo hoo - back from Manchester and had a fab time with my bestest buddy and her famille!  Josh and her son had sooo much fun playing together, Kate and I chatted heaps - and her little girly is just adorable - we were roomies!

So - the other day I hinted that I had a guest DT place - and it is for ........  Your Next Stamp!!!  Oh my!!!!  Well actually a guest STARLET!!! Whoo HOO!

The card is a secret and wont be seen until early March - that gives me a little time to do it so thats cool!  I am just sooooo excited about this!  OK - here is the link for YNS (if you dont know it already!) so go check out their new release - its more Fhionna goodies - and its on purple rubber!

Watch this space for the card for YNS - and I just received my Doodle Palace latest DT pics - so will be doing alot of playing this weekend!

thanks for checking back - and dont forget my candy!


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Off on my jaunts

Just a quick post - will be away tomorrow until Friday...will be trying to moderate comments etc from my phone, but just in case anyone notices that I am not around...then I am in Manchester!  Well Cheadle Hulme actually!



To, DT place(s) (bit of news coming soon on that!) - I am putting together a little candy....will include the box on the post below - with some yummy goodies....mmmmmm.  Not sure how I will pack it - may send you a new one, flat packed!  And will also put together a few bits and bobs to join it - definitely some rubber as I have some out ready to send!  And some choc of some shape or form!

Please would you add your name to Mr Linky - and leave a comment below, just in case MR L goes AWOL.

Please add a link to your sidebar using the pic below

AND.....if you like what you see, become a follower - but please dont follow just for the candy - dont want to force people to see my blog if they dont want to!!!!  Although I would love it if you do...please dont make me beg!   LOLX


Closing date will be 14th March 6pm GMT - I will announce on here on 15th March 

Woo Hoo - my first ever CANDY! 

Thanks for looking!

Sneak Peeks and CANDY to come!!!!

Just how cute is this?  Its one of the latest releases from Doodle Palace.  I blew it up quite large to really make an impact on the box - as you can see, they blow up big!  You cant see in this pic, but the girly bear has gems on her dress and shoes.  The heart in the middle is made of sequins - the original stamp has a heart with LOVE on it - so cute!  You know, I loved the rose best - just thought it was lovely! 
And this is the contents of the box - it was a family Valentines pressy!  To us!
And this little cutie is Chester Bunny!  How fab is he?  The more I look at him, the more I like him!  He actually comes sitting on a tree trunk but I did my usual thing of cutting up the stamp!  LOLX
The box was from a Kay & Co box set thingy.  These make up wonderfully.
And another view of the box - just thought it would make a more refined Easter munchies box - will fill it with mini eggs....mmmmmm wonder who would like this???

Hmmmmm - have been wanting to post up some candy.....think we are at that time....see the next post!

Just a reminder though....images available at Doodle Palace

Thanks for looking


Monday, 15 February 2010

Karen's Doodles Criss Cross Card

Aw Bless!  This is my first try at a Criss Cross Card - and it is just soooo easy.  Actually, no - it's horrendously complicated and I am AWFULLY CLEVER to be able to do it!  Nope?  Never was a very good liar! 

And this is the image inside!  Its from Karen's Doodles and is so cute I could pop!  I decided not to over-embellish the card but to make the image the focal point along with the card design itself.

Am entering this into Cupcake Craft Challenge which was to keep it simple
Not sure if I can get away with this one (LOL) but I am also entering it into Doodle Palace Layers Challenge! - well the card is kinda layered - sort of, maybe, almost!

Thanks for looking


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Whiff of Joy Tutorial

Ok - this is it for today - have posted 3 times, I think!  Saw a tutorial for this little treat pouch on Whiff of Joy by the fabby Liza.  Sat down watching a film with hubby and decided to make one - the tut makes it look so easy...and it is!  Had it in my hand and thought it would be great for little desk type things!  And this is the result!  They are on a long thin pre-cut card blank so it sits back at an angle slightly.  I am going to make more of these to pin onto our notice boards at work - to hold the pins!  YAY!  The paper is Kay & Co - Amy Butler. 

I have to say what a fabby blogging community there is out there - where people are so willing to share their skills and knowledge - and ideas - with no "preciousness" - is that even a word!  Ok - welling up now - NO of course I'm not!

Thanks for looking (again!)  Rx

Graze Boxes

OK - I am not selling these - thats the first thing to make clear!!  Someone asked me on my last post where I got these from so I thought I would post the details properly here! 

The boxes come from a UK company who post out dried fruit and nuts in THOSE boxes.  We have them weekly, but some people have them daily etc.  We just have them as a nice weekend treat.  The boxes we have cost £2.99 (I think!) and contain an assortment each week - we dont know what will be in them so its a nice surprise (of course you could open the notification email they send you and find out!).  This week we had a choc and nut mix, olives in a citrus marinade (these two were in the bigger compartments), pecan nuts and raisins infused with orange juice....mmmmmm .... in the two smaller compartments.  When you go to the website you go through a list of things and say whether you want to "bin it", "try it", "like it" or "love it" and that helps them decide what to put in your box. 

I REALLY am not getting anything for this!  I have some codes for free boxes if you would like - if you use them I get £1 off my next box (see, how up front I am?) - and there is no committment to continue to order.  I got a voucher from a friend who raved about them and have had 8 delivered so far and love them. 

Ok was gonna type more, but then thought I really WOULD look like I was selling them!  The code for a free box is YB2B348.  And the website is here

In the interest of more information - I saw an advert on tv the other night for the Quit Smoking pack and that looked like they were using the same type of box - so if you want the box without paying for the yummies .... either use the code above (LOLZ) or give up smoking! 



Sweetie Box

You know when it all just works???  I found some little choc bars in Tesco, and some small caramel hearts and wanted to use them for...something!  Then I had another coupla graze boxes lurking around...and wanted to use them for......something!

Well here it is!  Something!  We are going to visit my very bestest, buddy later this week and I just adore her kids.  They always share their sweeties with Josh when he arrives so I thought that we would take some yummies up to them.  Do you know, I am soooo excited I can hardly type! 

And it was an absolute breeze to do!  Just took off the existing wrappers on the choc, measured them, fiddled around a bit on the computer...and here they are - there are 4 for each child!

The papers were from Papermania and the image was Popcorn - coloured with promarkers and then added bits of clear and black glaze on eyes. nose, paint spill, heart in ear - I tell you this, because you cant see them in the pic!!!  Lol

I am going to do one of these for hubby for valentines tomorrow - but thats for my DT at Doodle Palace so I cant let you peek! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to look!  Rx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Purple Win!

I am so lucky and have won some candy from YNS - the home of Fhiona!  The challenge was to identify what they meant when they said that they were going purple.  I guessed that their rubber was now going to be purple and my name came out of the hat (think there were alot of names in that hat!).  I am now waiting for my yummy surprise to arrive in the post...mmmmmm rubber....where is that postman?  Hang on.....Nope - wasnt him!  .....nor then!  Ok, must remember it comes from America - mind you last time I bought something from there it was ridiculously quick.....postman?!  Well, if you would like to have a look at their shop - and wonder at the goodies etc etc - then here is where you need to go!....Sorry, cant wait until you get back - have to go and see if the post has arrived! 


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mo Manning Card

This image just makes me laugh - going to be doing another two of Mo's images in the next couple of days....  I have no idea why I went for orange and yellow - they are not colours I would usually choose, but thats the colours that this image chose! 

You can get Mo's images here

Thanks for looking


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sneaky Peaky!

Now this was fun!  I took the latest digi stamp from Doodle Palace - they have a few new baby ones coming out tomorrow - and I printed it onto paper then used each of the clothes as a pattern for the patterned paper.  The original digi has all the detail (ie hearts and trim etc) on it so it was just a case of me transferring this onto the front of my patterned paper.  How cute?  My only problem was getting some white clouds onto the background card - look closely, they are there...honest!

And is this not the answer to a plea??? A fishing card for the dreaded men.  Decided to have a go at 3D-ing this one up and it came out really well...I printed out 3 copies of the image, then cut out the hat and box together and then just the hat, layered them all up and there we go.  Oh, obviously, I coloured them all in!  The sentiment was just something I did on word.  
And the side view to TRY and show the layers...not very well!  Lolx   Am entering this into the following challenges.... Rosie-Dee wanted Just for Men as the theme - no worries there then!  Am also entering it into Polka Doodles Paper Piecing challenge and in the same vein the Popping up challenge over on KLSNS

Thanks for taking the time to look - as always, the images are available from Doodle Palace! 

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dont forget.....

The image swap!!!  You still have time to get me your stamped images for the swap!  If you have been dithering - or just meaning to "get around to it" ...... you need to read this post, email me for my address and just go for it!

And....since some people have received their images I am now proudly displaying my pay it forward crafting style badgie!!! 

And......if that last sentence didnt make any sense (dont worry, its fairly common when you read my blog!) then check out the swapping post!


Crafty RAK club

ooo this is a bit exciting!  I have just joined a very select little RAK club - called The Crafty Rak Club!!!  The clubs is very select because only members can share each other's addresses etc - we are doing birthday RAKs, Easter swaps and all sorts.


Want to join?No problem! we'd love to have you in our team!just send an e-mail to with your name and your address (this is never disclosed to anyone bar the club members to obviously swap!) hehe!and she will get back to you asap!!!

Hey, they let me in, so you know they will let you in too!!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Moving Home Kit

This is my housemoving Kit!  I just love this Dustin Pike image - the dragon makes me laugh everytime!  With his funny! 
It may not be clear in the second pic, but this contains some little individually wrapped teabags, some "straws" of coffee, sugar sachets, some prewrapped biscuits, a pack of tissues, a pack of wipes, a little keyring gift and a small pack of sweets.  Yes - they all fit in, even though the box is small!

Ok - did this specifically for the Sir Stampalot and Floral Fantasies challenge.  The challenge was "moving" to be interpreted in anyway!  Of course, I went plain and simple!  It's to celebrate Sir Stampalot moving to new premises soon!

Ooo just realised I link this up to a couple more challenges....use up your stash - a new blog not limited to papercrafts but not excluding - I am claiming the papers and the image on this one.  The theme was to take inspiration from a pink cushion - not too good at frilly - and dont think my dragon is either - so am claiming the colour theme of pink and green - yes its tenuous!  

And also Saturday Spotlight - bigger is better - this image is MEANT to overlap the top of the box!!!!  Yeah, right!  LOLX

Ok - gonna go and do some patchwork now - yep I got a kit!

thanks for looking


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

OK - this just has to be my last post today WOYWDW!

Ok - this, believe it or not, is our dining table, my craft table, the homework table etc etc.  Now - why am I posting this????  Well I have finally decided to join in with Whats on your workdesk Wednesday!  You need to pop over to Julia's site and check out all the others.

Now - at the back are my baskets - the left has colouring stuff, my xcut shaped thingies, and my big bite and gromlets.  The right one has scissors, sticky stuff, pens, pencils etc etc etc.  Behind the light you can just see two of my fabby graze boxes, some rubber waiting to be inked, and my images ready to colour.  The pot with the red lid has buttons in it.  On my desk is the calendar which was posted ages the front are some squares of material - the first stage of my patchwork!  YAY gonna make a quilt!!!  Oh and of course my ipod.

The second part of the day was to "show us yer drawers" but I didnt have any!  So I thought I would show my cupboard.
Everything I have, crafting wise, that isnt on the table is in here - it all has to squeeze in!  Phew where to start?  On top is a tub with made cards in, some 12x12 paper, some sweeties (hey my 9 year old doesnt ever think of getting the chair out and climbing up to get them!).  The first shelf has stamps, my little die cutting thingy, my paper factory (!!!!), some candles waiting to be done etc.  The next shelf has embellies in the grey storage thingy, there is a tub of sewing stuff (xstitch etc) and a tub for embossing (dry and heat).  The next shelf has stuff like punches in one tub - extra glues etc - and my eyelet setter, patterned scissors and paper punches.  Just below these - the two white box things have envelopes and cards in them and next to that is a tub of stickers, and more stick on type thingies.  Finally....!  I have my papers and cards.  In the purple storage is all bits and bobs to do with my wishblade - which, along with my sewing machine is in the bottom door of my other matching cupboard.  These cupboards were from Ikea and are just brilliant!  Oh - and beside the cupboard are two paper cutters (!!!) and some spare chipboard bits!  
Phew - what a tour!  Now everyone has seen my dirty secrets!  I feel cleansed!

DT offering number 3 - last for this week! Second post today!

And here are the other sunflowers in the vase (as opposed to in the pot -see earlier post).  Now, kinda need to explain this one a little.  I have put the pic and notebook onto a little box that I get delivered every week filled with nuts, dried fruit etc - they are only a few pound and we look forward to them on a Saturday morning - lovely surprise to see what is in them!  So, I have about 6 of these boxes kicking around...well one of them is on its way to USA with some cards for a swap....and one is used for my paper scraps....and then there is this one.
And inside!  Mine were scrunched up in various places and I just rarely got round to digging them out and using them.  I now have a few more in there - I dug deeper into the back of the cupboard!  I didnt want to put any on the top of the box as I didnt want them falling off and being a pain!  So, I put a notebook on there for my challenges - and my DT work!!!!!  Hee hee - cant believe I am saying that!  For the notebook, I printed a plain image and then just glued it to the first notebook page - the yellow is the plastic yellow top to the pad.  Gotta say, this image was a breeze to colour in - just so easy to make it look decent!

Can also enter this into the Pixie Dust Challenge over here - they are asking for 3D items!

Thanks for looking - as ever, images over at Doodle Palace.   Rx

i Ruff You

How sweet is this image?  Doodle Palace have produced him in various guises before and now here he is for Valentines.  Funny how I think of him as a he and not a she!  We used to have a Basset Hound when we were young and, let me tell you, the detail on this is spot on!  So much so, that I emailed Dee and Robin to ask if they were owned by a Basset!

And here is the closeup of the I'm going to let you into a secret.....if you look very closely, left hand side as you look (thats the side that this writing is on relevant to the picture!)....right in the middle of his ear, is the tiniest white mark!  See it???  Ok, now, see the cute brad above his ear (should have just said the ear below the brad rather than all that left side business!) - well, I thought I would stab a little hole for the brad to go through, so I didnt scrunch the pic when I was doing it - and then stabbed his ear!!!  

Ooo and I copied a sketch from Create4Fun Challenges so would like to enter him there as well!
And also - Challenge up Your Life are looking for Valentines Cards with Hearts! Guess what - secret crafters want hearts too!  AND Lexi's creations want hearts and valentines too.  And promarkers challenge is to use an animal or beastie image - oh yes! - see how useful this image is???

Well, if you would like to buy either the sunflowers or doglet - pop over to Doodle Palace - they go on sale today!  Thanks so much for taking the time to look!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sneak Peak! Doodle Palace New Release

Ok - gonna post these one by one - I received 4 images - and have made 3 of them up - may do the other one tonight!

This was my first one that I made up.  Havent done images of flowers before so was really excited about this.  Wanted to make the image the focal point (of course!) and also was very nervous about my first DT card - sure lots of you will remember that feeling!  Still not sure I have quite nailed it but at least you can see the image clearly!  The ladybirds were from Tesco, ribbon from The Works.  Coloured with Sharpies, promarkers and whisper pens.  All the card etc were from my stash.

Thanks for looking and if you would like to buy the image - pop over to Doodle Palace tomorrow!


Monday, 1 February 2010

Doodle Palace Princess!!!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!  Ok - I have just totally amazed just about everyone who knows me....I didnt blab!  Phew!  Its been tough!  I have just been made a Princess! 
I couldn't believe it when Dee and Robin told me I had been accepted!  Thought they had sent me the wrong email - you know, should have got the one that says "had so many fabulous entries ........ very sorry couldnt pick everyone....."  Have to say, havent had one of these emails, but I see it written on blogs so was fully expecting to get that when I received the one that looked like the bit above and then went on to say I had been chosen to join the team....well I was convinced they had made a mistake - sent the wrong one out to me.  THEN I got another email which gave me lots of information....THEN the one listing the other Princesses - you have got to check them out!  AND THEN some fabby images! 
Ok - cant post my first card until tomorrow or Weds (can do sneak peek tomorrow) and I have only made one so far and would like to do more and have a choice. I have 4 images - very different to each other (well two are kinda one type and two are another type but both on the same theme - ish!!"!)
Anyway - I should be getting ready for the school run and work - but just couldnt keep my mouth shut any longer....and didnt dare try scheduling a post in case I got it wrong and blabbed!

Thanks for looking!