Monday, 30 November 2009

Comes in 3's

Aw - we've had a tough time this last week! 
Last Monday we had to have our pet rat Sidney put down!  He was quite old and had got a chest infection but when they checked him over they found a lump in his kidney!  Twas a bit sad as Josh was with me and he has never been involved in the death of an animal (we have lost a few along the way (lost as in died!) but he has never really seen the going of them).  He was dead upset. 
Then last night we lost our mummy gerbil (yes we have an awful lot of beasties!)...she was really old so it wasnt unexpected.  Unfortunately she normally sleeps in Josh's room - we had to take her out because it was obvious she was dying Josh got upset again!  Bless.
Then, we came in from school tonight and found a dead bird in our hallway - one of the cats had brought it in!  And....Yep, Josh was upset again!  Didnt help that he wanted to bend down and stroke it!

Poor lad - he has been through the wars - all in one week too!  Still, that is the way it goes and the absolutely worst bit about owning animals!  Now we are down to two cats, one lizard, three guinea pigs, a daddy gerbil and some fish! 

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Whoop whoop - a card!

Phew - at long last - I have been able to produce a card!  Its not for a particular challenge or owt....but I did it!  Not sure my Mojo has fully returned, but it seems to be popping in for short visits!

There you go - coloured with promarkers (my first time!) - its a birthday card for a nice neighbour!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Instead of crafting...

Notice all the yummy candy on the sidebar.....well guess who isnt crafting????  Yep - me!  My mojo has run off - gone - deceased - fatally!  Not sure where it has gone - but have got the dreaded lurgy - Josh is off school too.  Keep trying to blame it on that - but in truth has been a couple of weeks now!  Oh well - sure it will be back soon - I hope anyway.  Meanwhile have dealt with my desire for pretty things by blog hopping and checking out everyone else's yummy things!  Not well - boo hoo - gonna go and take some tablets now! 

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

sorry - but thought you wouldnt want to miss out!

First a little apology!  Not done very much crafting this week - no challenges, nothing really!  Busy at work, mojo run off, ya da ya da ya da.  mind you am still nosing around at blogs everyday!

On my travels found this stonking candy!  Emma, over at Something Sweet has candy.  Emma asked that this be in the sidebar but I really think it deserves to be in a post - and thats not just because I dont know how to put it in the sidebar....really.....well actually,.....yes it is, ok I confess!  LOLX

Here is the pic and it finishes on 5th Dec

Friday, 13 November 2009

Desk Tidy and "Matchbox" THING

Well ok, so the workshop over at Funky Fairy ended yesterday, but we were given so many projects I think I will be working through them for a long time yet!  LOL

This was the desk tidy - it was really simple and thats just how I kept mine.  I could have decorated it with ribbon to join the individual boxes together and also stand them on a base, but I was just so in love with the paper designs that I left everything plain and just started using it straight away....the boxes are all joined together so it doesnt just fall apart.

And this is my matchbox THING - you know the little drawer thingies using match boxes...well funny thing was that I had tried this the weekend before and made such a hash of it!  We were given instructions on how to make the boxes themselves from scratch and then how to lay them out and sandwich them in chipboard.  Just love it, could have been a bit neater on the finish but its definately something I will use - its gonna be filled with brads, buttons and STUFF in about 15 mins!

Oh well -thanks for stopping by and looking - happy crafting!  rx

candy downloads!

Candy alert!  Creative Cottage are offering free downloads to lucky winners - here

and here is the photo of the yummy sweet stuff which ends on 11th Dec

And....if you check out the DT blogs there are more downloads up for grabs!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Third post today!

Wow - my first ever Easel card - and ok, I own up, it was easy!  Followed one of the fabulous sets of instructions that are out there and it worked out just fine!

It's for my boy's teacher from last year who has just had a baby girl.  We saw the pics and she is just beautiful x.

You cant really see it in this photo but there are flashes of sakura tiara pens on the flowers, birds etc.  All the flowers were funky fairy and I think the image was Lili of the Valley - I received it as blog candy - YAY! 

OK - neeeed to go to bed now!  Too much crafting!  OK scrub that last line, you can NEVER have too much crafting lolx

Was so tired, I forgot to say that this is an entry in Crazy 4 Challenges and Saturday Challenge on the secret crafter blog which were to make an easel card.  It also fits the One Stop Craft Challenge which was to make a kids card. And also Stamp, scrap and doodle challenge which was to use special folds.
Ok - I am really finished now!  Night!

Second post today!

Really enjoyed making this little folder!  The instructions were to make it from a manilla folder but I kinda changed it a little and just made it from double sided card. 

It is meant to be closed by a ribbon but I have made it for my boy (who reads sooooo much) to use as a wishlist for books.  There was no way he was going to faff around with ribbon - not to mention how girly it would make him look!  Found a little clip that was used to clip baby shoes onto a little hanger!  Worked perfectly and even had a hole for the pencil - how lucky was that?  And the best thing, cos it was a pair of shoes....I have another clip left - yay!

More workshop goodies

Loved doing this - I still have problems getting things to look neat but am enjoying trying out so many different projects - still catching up with projects and havent done anything about todays one yet!

Image from Pollycraft.  Papers from Funky Fairy.  Flowers from stash (candy!)

Have just realised that this also fits into the Pollycraft challenge here which is anything but a card - yay!

And this is the other project - a little gift container!  How sweet...

Papers from Funky Fairy and "ribbon" from stash (candy again!)


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Latest workshop offerings!

This is my keepsake box - decorated with liquid pearls and made with funky fairy papers

This is a mini album which matches the box I made on about day 2 or 3...sorry, all seems like a bit of a blur - havent done so much crafting in ages!

And I just love this bag!  Used Funky Fairy images - going to decorate this a bit more later but wanted to get the pics posted before I went to mother-in-laws

Quickie door signs

These are some quicky door signs - did one for Josh and his friend Frankie saw it and wanted one with South Park figures on it...did them in inkscape and then just laminated them - quick and easy.  The first one is our house address (not the hot chocolate!lol) but decided I didnt want everyone to know where I lived!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Oh bum - have put them up in the wrong order! This is yesterdays project - havent even started on todays! ---- just seen the time that should be - this is the day before yesterdays project, I havent started on yesterdays! How did it get to be sooooo late! Its 1.34am here - need to go to bed. The ribbon is at the side because the roof opens up so that you can put sweeties in or somesuch goodies! mmmmmm but because of the time, I ate all the sweeties! Nightynightnight x

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fairy Castle

This is another workshop project - gosh, we are certainly getting lots of fun things to make - and its really challenging me!

OMG this was a nightmare for me!
The paint I used to paint the edges smeared with the glue I used to glue the papers! I should have used spray stick stuff but didnt (didnt have any!).
I found it soooo hard to cut the chipboard evenly. Then I tried to put it together - but only had a setter to make the holes....hubby ended up coming and helping me do it when he came in from work this evening!
THEN I decorated it, went to take the pic and the glitter glue ran!!! LOL - was able to wipe it up and it didnt leave a mark...oh and after that I knocked the camera on the floor, went to put away the George Foreman, knocked that on the floor and broke the handle!

Have decided NOT to attempt the next project tonight - lol x

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 4 Workshop results

This is my little tealight holder - looks lovely lit up....the "vellum" is actually wrap from some flowers my hubby bought me ages ago! See I knew I would use it for something! LOL x

more yummy stuff!

Carlyann over on Sweet n Crafty - has some massive candy....its HUGE - you gotta check it out.....go now! No Really - now! LOL x  Ends 1/1/10

Day3 cont....

This is the ornament from yesterday - got another project from then to do and also todays! Rx

Detail - Funky Fairy paper, made tissue flower (put button on top but you cant see it!) and gold star brad above "tassel"


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 3

Well this is my little box....had internet problems all day (and was at work so hey!) so I didnt download the projects until this evening. The workshop has been fun so far, I read the instructions and think "I cant do that" but then I take them step by step and they work well.
What I am actually posting here is not all the projects we receive (I just dont have time to do them all LOL) - yesterday we also had an ornament and a beautiful fairy castle journal to make. And today we had the box, a little journal and a treat container. I will get round to doing them all over the next couple of weeks!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day 2

There were 3 projects today - this is just one of them. Was working today and have to finish off something tonight so have only done this one today! Will hopefully do one of the others tomorrow - but then we have tomorrow's project to do then. I have to say, am learning loads and getting more confident by the day!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Funky Fairy's Workshop

Oh yes - what fun I have had is day one of funky fairy's christmas workshop and we all got our first projects to do.....

the first pic is a little storage folder thingy - its not a great pic as it doesnt show you inside!!! The card was from Tesco!!! It was slightly glossy and good weight - double sided too! The image is Dustin Pike...didnt really know what I was going to use it for but liked it so I coloured know how it goes! I think the original plan was for us to use a vintage Christmas photo on it and do it as a Christmas design but hey! I am going to use it to store my images that are coloured or waiting to be coloured.

The second one is a little photo box frame - its really sweet - the gorgeous guys inside are my brother in law and my son - not sure I should call my BIL gorgeous! LOL. Not sure its clear from the photo but the frame is about 1cm deep and the pic sits at the back of it - the aperture is covered with acetate. Really clever idea!
OK - thats it for now. Have to go and tidy up now!