Sunday, 1 January 2017

Unicorn vinyl

Just for me!  I mean, who doesn't love a unicorn?  

Got a file from etsy and cut it using my scan n cut - lots of fiddly weeding later - and I had this.  

Hints and tips.
No transfer tape?  No problem - use masking tape.
Wrinkles?  No problem - use a heat gun to GENTLY heat the vinyl and the wrinkles can be smoothed away because the heat shrinks the vinyl.  Gotta give the credit for that one to hubby - apparently this is what they do when they apply vinyl to cars.  

Going to go and find if there are any challenges for this one to go into...

And there are lots!  

My time to craft want to see anything new (yep, my mug and the cutting file!)
Crafty Friends have an anything goes challenge
Another anything goes from C.R.A.F.T 
And the Allsorts Challenge blog has a something new challenge running too. 

Happy New Year, Happy Crafting

Ruthie x

Friday, 23 December 2016

My first box card...

Another first - a box card!  Got this file from SVG Cuts in a bundle of Christmas themed cards.  

On a bit of a flyer - but just to say that this made the perfect WOW card for family who do not celebrate Christmas.  

Funny what lengths you go to to get a good photo - hence lying on the floor as the cat exits the cat flap!!! 

Happy crafting guys

Ruthie x

Another winter blue card for the challenge...

I have never made one of these cards before and I was amazed at how easy it was - when you have a cutting file that is!  I have no idea how I would have done it from scratch of course! 

Not a wintery card at all - but hey, it IS blue! So I am going to enter this in the challenge Amy is having over at Crafty Purple Frog - here!  

I am definitely going to do more of this style of card - it looks so complex! 

Have fun crafting!

Ruthie x

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Challenge entry

The lovely Amy, from our crafty weekend, has a new shop and is having a DT call and challenges etc.  I really can't commit to the DT full time, but thought I would enter the challenge when I can...

The challenge this week is the Winter Blues - anything blue and it doesn't have to be Christmas themed.  I have another card in the pipeline but had to make some cards for work - anyone who knows me knows that I don't make Christmas cards, but it was a long story and I ended up making ten!  Well, it was a good opportunity to try out my scan n cut!  I made them mainly with red or green backgrounds, but had to make a couple of blue ones for the challenge.  

The challenge can be found at the Crafty Purple Frog blog.  Why not pop over and send her some love?

Have a great week

Ruthie x

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Sneaking back quietly...

Shhhhh!  I am sneaking back quietly.....

A quick update from me...well, I did it!  I became a teacher!  When I went in to training I thought I was going to be a upper KS2 teacher or even secondary at some point...but then I discovered year 1 (5 and 6 year olds) - and they are fantastic!  

So, I have done my 1 year training, and survived 1 year as a Newly Qualified Teacher and now I am in my second year in Year 1 - with the most fantastic class.  Yes, it is manic, yes there are stressful times - but heck, I wouldn't change it for a second.

I have stopped crafting for over two years now (last blog post was when I stopped - Feb 2014!) so nearly 3 years!  Now things are calming down a little I have been able to pick up with my hobbies - I am breaking in and schooling a young horse for a friend of mine (lots of poop and a few scary times!) and I restarted crafting when I went on the fantastic crafty weekend during October half term.  

If you have not seen the crafty weekend, click on the link in my sidebar - we have such a giggle!  And a little bit of crafting gets done.  

Anyway, I am off to go and "do" something - having spent the day thus far Christmas shopping and cleaning, I think I deserve a play.    I was a good teach and got my marking done yesterday evening, so just have a little planning to nail tomorrow.  

I'm so glad to be back and can't wait to catch up with everyone in blogland!  

Ruthie x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Little bit sad...

It is all change for me - I am stepping down as senior DT on Audsentiments blog and this is my last challenge. 
I have loved my time on the blog and the current DT and past DTs have been fabulous. Julie and Ali are such stars and great people to "work" alongside.
  However, I have some changes happening in my life...I have been a librarian since before I started work! I was a volunteer at age 14, then a Saturday Assistant. I then worked as a library assistant, went away and got a degree, then came back and worked as a Children's Librarian, Branch Manager, Marketing Manager, Childrens Team Manager and now am Reader Development Manager and one of three management team members.
BUT, I have wanted to become a teacher for quite a long time now - I have been taking courses and working towards it, on and off, for nearly 5 years! Now it is time to take the leap and go for it. So, I am currently actively seeking a training placement! Eeeeep - very scary, but I just know I need to do this.
So, why the long story? Well, I am going to need all my "spare" time to learn what I need to learn to make this big career change - so I have stepped down from my last team. This means that I can craft when I have time, and not when I don't - and I don't have to worry about letting anyone down.
As my last challenge for Audsentiments, I thought I would get a bit cheeky - literally! 
I used SVG Cuts files for the letters, my eclips to cut them out.  They really were super-duper easy to do and the video on SVG Cuts youtube challenge was invaluable!
If you want to join in our BINGO challenge over at Audsentiments, the link is in my sidebar - we would love to see what you come up with.
I will still be around in blogland - you don't get rid of me that easily!
Hugs Ruthie x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nice easy challenge....

A lovely easy challenge over at Aud Sentiments this just need to use....any sentiment you want!  Phew!
You can enter here
And here is my entry.....
Hope you get the chance to join in!
Hugs to all and thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

TAG IT! and a DT Call!

Get me!  More than a post a month!  Phew, need a lie down now!
Oh heavens, we have had such a funny day at work today - in a library - and giggling so much....madness!
 So, our challenge over at AudSentiments this time is to make a tag - making sure you include a sentiment!
I did mine, but then remembered someone at craft club had asked me to make a few cards, so I quickly turned it into a card!  The lovely lady bought this one and a few others, so I was dead chuffed! 
And, just before I dash off, I need to mention our DT call over at Audsentiments.  Just pop on over there and take a peek - be brave and have a go!
Ruthie x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

One for the boys....

So, I came back from the Crafty Weekend all fired up and ready to create!  But here is one of the cards I made while I was there.  I just loved this stamp - so funny!!!  And the ticket die and stamp was from my goody bag! Yay!

I would like to enter this into Natalie and Amy's Challenge - One for the Boys!  I haven't entered a challenge in forever!
Thanks for popping over!
Ruthie x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Over at AudSentiments this week we are getting all feminine!  Our challenge is to make a card either for a girl, or for a man but from a girl!  We are sponsored by Sassy Studio Designs as you can see by my image.  
Girlies from my crafty weekend will be so proud that I used a flower - I don't do flowers! 
I am so pleased with how this came out, colouring wise!  So if you want to join in, just click on the link in the bar and it will take you over to Aud Sentiments!
Thanks for stopping by today

Ruthie x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Christmas at Auds

We have a nice easy challenge this time over at AudSentiments - its to make a project or card which includes a Christmas sentiment!  Easy Peasy, right?

And here is my offering.....

I have to do a quick shout out - I had the most wonderful crafty weekend away recently (link for the blog is on the right) - and the papers, stamp, die cut are all from my goodie bag from the weekend away!  So, if you get a chance, why not pop over to the crafty weekend blog and keep an eye out for dates for next year!!! 

thanks for popping by today!

Ruthie x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I'm back! Ish!

Oh how life gets in the way of crafting!  Nothing drastic, just life!
I have been keeping up with doing the posts for Audsentiments, but not done very much cardmaking at all.
So, just like buses....they have all come together....
So, the theme over at Audsentiments is funny Halloween sentiments - not too sure that mine are Funny to be honest, but hey ho! 

And, in case you didn't recognise them, the images are from Bugaboo - really do love the images they produce.
The image below is from Simply Betty Stamps - and this has been coloured and sat there waiting for a card to be made!  I got so fed up with not using it, that I took the chance to do it when I did my DT here it is...I just LOVE that image!
So, that's me done!  I am hoping it wont be so long next time, but really, who knows - I am training to do my first ever 5k run and am doing my level 2 British Sign Language (including going to the Deaf Club!!!) and I work full time, have a family etc etc....I just need more hours! 
Thanks for hanging in there with me and popping by!
Ruthie x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Aud Sentiments Feeling Flirty...

Last post for the day.....our challenge over at Aud Sentiments is Feeling Flirty - the challenge is to produce a flirty card or project...and did I read the instructions properly?  Nope! 

 So my first card would not work for the theme - but luckily I coloured two images in....

 Close ups on both of them.....

 Lovely Sassy Studio Designs - we are so lucky to work with these....

And that is me, all up to date, arms and hands working, fresh back from knife and tomahawk throwing - did I mention we do that???  Lol

Have fun all

thanks for popping by

Ruthie x

Birthday Ellie

I actually managed to forget to put this one on here!  Seriously!  I put it on the Aud Sentiments Blog - but forgot to put it here!  Sigh!  

This image was from Bugaboo - fabulous! Talk about a quick card!  No colouring and the background cut using my eclips.  Little bit of embossing and job done!

Love it when it is as easy as this!  Especially when life is busy!

OK - one more post to come today....then I am up to date...I think!


Crochet Wreath

In the evenings I crochet blankets...nice and simple, no pattern, just do it while you watch tv.

I have looked at Attic 24 website quite a lot - love the colours she uses - and have done a few bright blankets because of her.  

At the moment I am crocheting a is grey, with purple stripes, but mainly grey.  It will be a lovely blanket and will go with our lounge beautifully, but its grey!  I like the bright colours and I miss the bright colours.  So I thought I would have a break and crochet a wreath that I saw on Attic 24.  

I am going to add some more flowers to it - but still try and keep them just in the same area - not all over.....

I have gone back to the grey blanket for the time being, but when I needed another colour blast I will add to the flowers

Thanks for coming over - to the many, many late posts!!!!

Ruthie x

Scary Mary....

Josh needed a card for a 13 year old's birthday recently - he assured me she likes zombies and the I grabbed for this image from Delicious Doodles - who do the best scary images!

Poor Becca - I so hope she does like zombies - what if she really likes unicorns and fluffy bunnies???

Architectural Papercutting!

I know I said I had missed a few projects - but this is crazy!......

I have been playing around with papercutting and thought I would have a go at the architectural style as well as plain lettering and pics....  

Ok - these two aren't architectural, but I was getting in the swing....

Here you go - these are architectural....

That's Paris done - how about a bit of London?....

These are not my designs - there is a wonderful website that gives the patterns away for free!!!  Yep, just so you can have a play...

And of course, a little house.....because a man's home is his castle!  

And still more overdue posts to come......

Sooooo behind!....

Oh my goodness me - I have had some issues with my hands - I have developed cubital tunnel syndrome. Its like carpel tunnel, but a different nerve is affected. You know when you hit your "Funny Bone"? Your arm, hand and fingers go numb and tingly, then they hurt? Well thats the cubital nerve....its not nice! The good news is - it seems to have settled down, so I have been able to catch up with my crafting! YAY! So - one overdue DT piece coming up, and one challenge entry for Simply Betty!

The one above is my overdue DT entry for AudSentiments!  I turned this simple rose into a cut design - it looks like it is printed, but its not, its cut out with a scalpel.  Very relaxing to do!

And the one below is my challenge entry - SPIKA the evil mermaid.  Betty very kindly gives us an image to play with and this month we got a choice of naughty or nice mermaid....the only catch was that if you chose the naughty one you had to do evil theme, and the nice was a cutsie theme!  

I am hoping that evil still includes glitter!!!!  I can't wait to use this image again - she is soooo sexy!  I can just see her in reds and blacks! 

So, those are my two pieces - couple more posts due soon.......

thanks for hanging in there - I know I'm not being very regular at the moment! 

Ruthie x

Thursday, 27 June 2013


I am very, very lucky to be on the AudSentiments DT - I am sure if I tried out for it now I wouldn't get in as there is so much amazing talent out there now!  But that last statement is not a call for comments saying "no you are fabulous" etc etc!!!  So, one of my roles on the team is to put up the weekly post, which I duly did yesterday.  I was just sat here now and realised I hadn't put up my OWN post on this blog!  Whoopsie!
The theme over at Auds is SUMMER!  You just need to create a summery project or card and make sure you include an appropriate sentiment.  This time we are sponsored by Stamp and Create.
I made my project using my Sizzix Eclips machine - I took it to our craft club at Rainham Library a few weeks ago and realised how little I used it, so decided I would try and use it more.....
I cut everything (except the "sand") out using the machine.  The face was even drawn on by the machine too!  So much fun!
Oh - see that blue sky?  How lovely!  Shame its not like that today!
Please pop over and enter the challenge if you get a chance!
Ruthie x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Simply Betty Challenge

Every month Betty is very generous and gives away an image to use in a challenge.  I haven't been able to do the challenge for a few months now (time!) but I saw this image and just knew I had to use her! She is called Summer and the challenge is to create your own background. 

I have never done a background without stamps or somesuch, so this WAS a challenge!  I did the clouds on the mat, and also did leaves on the layer down.  The clouds on the mat were done using copics and a mask, and the leaves were done with chalks and a mask.

Took the photo on top of the guinea pig hutch, but the sun has virtually bleached out the leaf background!  But can you see the blue sky?  Gorgeous!

And, of course, the obligatory closeup!  She was a gem to colour!

So there you go - thanks for popping by - I really need to get on with a blog giveaway soon - am sure I have a reason to celebrate!

Ruthie x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

AudSentiments DT CALL!

Oh Yes! A DT call over at AudSentiments, coupled with an Anything goes challenge!  We are going to be busy!

Excuse the hurried post, but it is gone midnight and I am up for work in less than 6 hours!  Eeeeep!

Image bugaboo - first time doing a background with all the dots - nice result but gosh, so many dots!  

No one can say I am keeping you hanging around now can they - go on then, off with you over to AudSentiments to get your entry in! How could you NOT want to get one of these positions???

Ruthie x