Friday, 26 February 2010

Bit of a grumble!

It seems to me that some people out in blogland are getting a bit grumpy!  I poodle around on my little blog run each day - and see just sooooo much inspiration.  But I also see quite a few people moaning and wanted to put the other side of the coin as it were.  All of these are examples I have seen on my travels - and dont relate to my blog or my candy! 

They moan about having to do things to enter candy - it is a shame that some people have to miss out on candy because there are sooo many things to be done to enter it, but then thats the perogative of the person setting the candy!

They moan about people going around and hunting for candy - I have found lots of candy  (take a look at my sidebar!) - although I dont actually HUNT it as such.  The way I look at this is, if you dont want "candy hunters" then restrict it to followers who are following before a certain cut off, or dont advertise it - I know of someone who is doing that and its absolutely fine!  I love winning candy and am not ashamed to admit it! Lol.  It gives me such a buzz when I get a parcel through the door, I love opening it and discovering all the goodies - I love that someone else has chosen the materials inside and that this can push me outside my box!  And not least, it means I can have goodies that I wouldnt have been able to afford - as you all know, there is a lot of yummy stuff out there and we cant buy everything!  I also think its good for companies as it means their goodies are put into the hands of someone who may well buy some more in the future!

I have candy and am happy that anyone enters it - it brings people to my blog, allows me to widen the circle of people who I know and also advertises my DT work to a wider audience (to me, it just has to be good!). 

People have also started complaining that not enough people leave comments on their blogs!  I am soooo guilty of this one - I hop around (am following nigh on 300 blogs currently!) and just love seeing the inspirational offerings out there.  But more often than not, I dont have the time to comment - I leave as many as I can, but couldnt possibly leave comments on every blog! 

AND NOW I AM MOANING!!! LOLx - no not really, just feel that there is always another side to a situation and wanted to put the other side.  But then, thats because I am a Libra!!!

Have a great day everyone and big hugs to you all - moaners and smilers alike!  I will post another card and not just ramblings soon!!!



craftykitten said...

Hi Ruthie,
Loved reading this post hun - so many true words you have written here! I agree with you that it is lovely for parcels to arrive at your door full of surprises - I have candy at the moment and I hope the lucky recipient will be as pleased to receive mine as I am to receive others. I agree with you about the comments too - when you follow so many blogs it is difficult toleave comments on all of them.
Dawn xx

Wilfreda said...

I agree 100%.

Faye said...

Hugs! Lots of hugs. x

Nikki said...

How true is this
I love candy and Comments and there would not be enought time in the world to comment on everyone's blog it would be nice but impossible ...when would we sleep
I even noticed peeps compaining about 1 word comments humm can't please em all
hugs Nikki
and look I found 2 candies just looking here lol

KarenB said...

Well said Ruthie, I'm a Libra too and I can always see both sides of a situation.

Wishing you some smiles as you blog hop around the www :) Feel free to pop in at my place if you like. My candy already closed but I have a list on my sidebar, LOL!! Don't feel obliged to comment either...

PenLight said...


Carmen said...

Very well said. I personally haven't seen these grumbles but then I'm a Pisces and most things wash right over my head leaving me in blissful ignorance *g*

I'm the first to put my hands up and say I'm someone who searches out candy. In fact not just candy... one of my hobbies is to enter competitions and I'm very open about that. The main reason people offer up candies and prizes is exactly like you say to drive traffic to their site or business. If they don't want said traffic then don't advertise or place some restrictions.

I can't personally see what the problem is, if I hadn't followed the candy trail I would never have found your blog today (or so many of my now favouritest blogs and wonderul friends) as I am NOT a cardmaker, I struggle with cardmaking. But I am a crafter and I recognise when I see someone that makes me laugh and talks some sense. So thanks to the candy trail you have one more follower who will be coming back to visit after your candy has long finished.

Um... yeah... by the way, I tend to ramble and waffle. Sorry 'bout that :P