Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Card for Cupcake Lover! - I was wrong...this is the last one! 5th post of the day!

Ha ha - that'll teach me for saving up all those posts!

pooooor penguin! - Think this is the last of the Christmas Cards! Fourth Post of the day!

Aw bless - I nearly missed this poor little penguin out of my blog posts!  The image is from Delicious Doodles and its just a joy to work with - easy to colour and easy to glam up!

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One image...two looks - THIRD POST TODAY!

Ha ha - love this image!  Used it for here it is for Christmas! 

Strange how different they look when everything but the background paper is the same!

Oh - and if you want the's Bugaboo!  And if you want the sentiment?  It's mine!  Taken originally from Roseanne Barr and changed a little!

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Icicles and a card

This is for my son' s head teacher.  I really like how it turned out.  I copied the edging from the image and put it onto the sentiment to keep it all in line.
And the next few pics were taken by Josh when we had icicles hanging from our sun was cold!
Keep warm - and thanks for visiting!


Mum and Mother-in-law cards - yes, more xmas cards - gotta get these up before 2011!

This card is for my lovely Mother-in-law...its a little bit difficult doing Christmas cards for the Jewish side of the family...but this Bugaboo image made me laugh!
And this card is for my mum.  Mum has a cat (sister to my two cats) who would definitely bend the tree over if she tried to climb it!

Image is from Mo Manning!

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

NOT a Merry Christmas Post!

Ha ha - no - its a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS POST!!!!

Have a great holiday everyone - huge thanks to wonderful blogging pals for sharing in my crafty life - and often in my real life too!


Friday, 24 December 2010

Last minute choccie boxes

For the last 4 years, we have eaten out on Christmas Day - and we are doing the same tomorrow...tomorrow????  After, we have had our meal, we come back to our house for bagels and cold meats etc (tea).  I had some time today so thought I would rustle up some little boxes for chocs to go in.  I will give these as people are leaving.  There are only going to be 10 of us (one of which is a younger child and 3 of which are us!) - so I needed 6 boxes.

They were very quick and easy to make - just folding and a dab of glue.  They each hold about 3 chocs, so just right.  Josh very kindly dragged himself away from the Playstation to help me tie the bows!

Have a great Christmas Eve!


Thursday, 23 December 2010

I made a bag - and some yummies!

One of the things on my Get it done Tuesday list was to make a bag!  I have been looking around for just the right bag for a long time - just cant seem to find it - then I saw the Lickety Split bag on Made by Rae and thought I would have a crack at it!

It's reversible - this side is made from the offcuts of my curtains (the plain side that is)!  They were from Ikea and waaaay too chop! 
I didnt have enough of either of the patterned fabrics so I did one side in one design and the other side in another!


And below is both sides together - the handles are really cool - they are separate and you knot them as long or short as you want them - this means you can know them onto your buggy etc.  The pattern comes with pockets - but I decided to leave them off - I will probably make another and put them on that one! 

And these were our yummies!  Oreo with white chocolate and sprinkles - I saw these on another blog and they were done as lollipops, but we didnt have any sticks.  

I have to say, although they were fun to make, I didnt really go for them - aren't oreos sweet enough already?????

I dont think Josh felt the same as me though!  He would have eaten the lot if I had let him!

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Aud Sentiments - Anything Goes!!

How exciting - we are having a DT call over at AudSentiments!  YAY!  Its a great team and Aud is a brilliant "Boss" - she gets things planned way in advance and is so easy going!

So - if you want to join in with us, you need to enter this latest challenge - which is "anything goes" and put DT behind your name when you link up - easy!

This time around we have Karber Stamps as our sponsor. They have the most adorable images! If you haven't been to their site you should really go and take a look around!

Here is a little bit about them...

"Karber is a company created by Karla Barradas and Berenice Rendon. All began for passion to art and crafts, as friends we decided to join our different talents. In July 2010 that journey would lead us from hobby to a business and "Karber Digital Images" was created. We look forward to inspiring your creativity with digital images."

They are giving the winner 2 digis of their choice! Thanks so much! 
We were all really lucky to be given this image to work with!  Initially, I had no idea how I would play with it!  Then I coloured it....oh boy - loved how it came out!  I just thought it looked so quirky!  And then I knew exactly what I would do with it...I have spotted this little post-it holder elsewhere (sorry cant remember where!) and just knew I would love to use this image for one!

Errhhhhmmmm - you might notice I didnt have the right colour post-its - mmmmmmm - so I just cut a piece of the background paper and used that on top - I am going to hand write my sentiment onto it when I decide where its going.....or even IF its going!  Think this might look quite nice on my desk at work!

Please do join in our challenge and DT call - I love coming and seeing all your creations.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Get it together Tuesday!

Phew - I almost got all those niggly things out the way from last week's post!

I still have to:
  • Send out staff appointments
To add to this list this week:
  • Enjoy Christmas!  All wrapped and done bar a few tiny things
  • One of those Tiny things is another money holder - for my big bruv this time
  • Play some family games
  • Keep up the "bunnytime" - this is spending time each day with our foster bunny (a rescue waiting to be rehomed!)
  • Take Karen her calendar - this is going to have to wait - she is off sick!!! So going to cross it off my list for now!
  • Do my next DD assignment
  • Do my next Aud Sentiment assignment
  • Make a bag!!!!  Don't ask!
Hmmm think that should keep me going!

Feel free to add your to-dos in the comments - or add them onto your own site!


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Money holders

 One of my "to-do" things from earlier this week, was to do the money holder thingies for some family members.  These are for three sisters so I just did  them all the same, but made sure their names were on them.
 Pic of the inside - yeah, guess you probably didnt need me to write that!
You really cant see it in these pics but I did glitter them....but, other than that, they were print, cut and glue!  Fabulous!  Dont be too impressed, they were on a website and I just cant quite remember which one...its the one that if you search for kids printables it comes up - DK something???

Oh well, sure you will find it - if you cant, leave me a comment and I will send you the link!


Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hey - just found this one (via another bloggy friend!).  Its kind of a candy....sort of.....well a hide and seek type of a candy....kind of!!!

Pop over here to see whats happening!


Friday, 17 December 2010

Delicious Doodles Sketch Challenge

Psssst!  Wanna know a dirty, little secret?  I HATE sketch challenges!  I am just so useless at them!  I get so far and just give up, there never seems to be enough room for the bits I need to fit on!

However, this one I just couldnt give up on....I put it off, Lord knows I put it off!  Eventually, I couldnt put it off any longer!

I even thought about asking to be excused!

Then, after a swift kick up the butt, I decided to just get on with it and not stop until I had finished!  Even better, I had a birthday card to do for the very next day and I had promised myself that I wouldnt start that until I had finished this!

So I did it!  Well you knew that didnt you - I mean you can see it!  And yes - I DID want to give up half way through!  And yes - I DID have way too many bits to squeeze on...but I thought it would be good discipline to carry on.

So - whether you love em or hate em - why not give this challenge a go over at Delicious Doodles Challenges?  You never know, you might surprise yourself!

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Little Bit of Hannukah

This is one of three Hannukah cards I made this year...they were all a variation on the theme, but I only remembered to photograph this one!  As my blogging buddy would say....EIYIYI!!!!! And to help with the vision....slaps forehead very hard whilst saying this....possibly followed by "Oy Vey!"

I used my ecraft to cut the candleabra out and just kept the whole thing really simple!  This fits in with Stampaliciously Challenge which is to keep things Clean and Simple!

Thanks for popping over - I know that sometimes its hard to leave a comment, I know I look at a whole lot more blogs than I ever comment on, so please never feel bad that you dont leave comments often enough - I dont!  Oh - and I can always look at my blog stats if I feel the need to massage my ego!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Donkey Christmas Cards!

I love this image...and I am so sorry but I cant remember where it came from!  I used it for another card - for the dinner ladies at Josh's school.  These cards are for the secretary and the classroom assistant.

I have wanted to do a plain white card for a while...just havent done one! It fits in with Pollycrafts Challenge too!  Die Cut Dreams also have a challenge of a Christmas Carol - Little Donkey!

My little white card also meets the challenge over at Crafty Pad which is to show embossing - you might need to click on the pic to see it!  See?  The snowflake pattern behind the image!

I really like how it came out - and the other one is more traditional - I seem to have an awful lot of Christmas paper left over...gonna have to find a use for it all - feel some ornaments coming on!

Gotta dash - have a fabby day!


Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hiya - gosh, this is my third post today!

Little challenge to everyone today - why not allocate yourself some time over the next week to really hit the outstanding stuff?

That could be cleaning, cooking, tidying, spending time with family and friends before chaos hits in!

Here is my little list of personal challenges for this coming week.....
  • Make money gift holder thingies for pressies.
  • Buy the tins of sweets I need to finish Christmas pressies
  • Wrap pressies
  • At least THINK about what I am gonna feed everyone when they come back to me Christmas Day for tea (we eat out for the main meal!) - hang on....that makes it sound like I am all grown up! 
  • Finish sending out the year's meetings to staff this week - I have scheduled them in my diary but need to do electronic meeting thingies!  Don't ask!  I have between 1 and 5 meetings every week for the whole of next year - what is that about!!!!
  • Do my DD sketch challenge -eeeeeek
  • Do my Aud Sentiments challenge card
  • Play with bunny - just rescued and needs to know that it is NOT ALLOWED to be territorial over its cage! - but is incredibly sweet and friendly other than that!- bunny is out everyday for playtime!
  • Finish washing and ironing today (mental rule of mine - must be done by Sunday!)
This is all besides the regular stuff (well actually, some of it IS the regular stuff - just am overdue with it, or at least in my mind!)

Feel free to add your personal challenges to the comments - then you can come back and update how far you got....why not keep the page open and then it will remind you!

I will also either update this post, or add to comments - so you will KNOW if I havent done what I said I would!  Eeeek!

Thanks for stopping by!


Couple of Bugaboo Crimbo Cards

.....and right here is why I like Bugaboo!  Nope, you didnt come in half way, nope there is nothing messing from the top of this post...yep, I did start a sentance midway through a thought!

Both these images are Bugaboo and they couldn't be more different!

The Penguin one is for a friend at work - just way toooo cute!  I glittered up pearls to make them look like snowballs.  Have just seen the challenge at Bugaboo and it is Winter Wonderland with lots of glitter and shine - well this one fits that!

Well, think you might guess that the other one is for ANOTHER of Josh's teachers.  Just love the simplicity of that series of images.  This one fits with Die Cut Dreams challenge for a Christmas Carol - Oh little Town of Bethleham!

Anyway, enough praise of Bugaboo - will get kicked off Delicious Doodles DT (just joking!  Teri is fab, and very easy going!)

Thanks for popping by today!


Christmas Cottage

How sweet is this image?  And soooo much glitter!  But what an awful picture!  The colours on this are so off - the background colour is actually red!  Oh well!

I coloured with Promarkers and glittered it to within an inch of its life!!! 

The image is from Delicious Doodles and is available in the shop now - just click on the logo at the side!

Hope you have a fabby Sunday!


Friday, 10 December 2010

Records into Bowls!

These were such fun to do!  Take your old records....I had some left over from my grandad's stash - 60s stuff mainly.  Oh and some stuff I was rather ashamed to own! 

You just up end a mug onto a baking tray - set the oven for 150 degrees (I think!) and then put the record on top...they melt wonderfully!

Did this with Josh and his friend - they loved it! 

And here they are, in use, on the top of our microwave!  Lots of junk to go in them!

Thanks for popping by


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Aud Sentiments - Happy Holidays!

I have just been dying to show these....OK - you know I like Bugaboo images (nope not a DT or owt like that!) but I was so chuffed that Bugaboo are sponsoring Aud Sentiments again this time.

Jodie, very kindly, gave us some images to play with - and these are what I did with them!  There are others in this series so feel free to pop over to Bugaboo to check out the others!
The challenge is to use the sentiment Happy Holidays - please remember that you must use this sentiment to enter into the challenge!

You know what is really cool too?  I can enter the Bugaboo anything goes challenge too!!!

AND - the Cards for Men - gift and card suitable for a boy or man.

AND - the I love Promarkers christmas song challenge - Frosty the Snowman

.... and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer

....and Santa Claus is coming to town!  Do I get 3 entries?

OK - last one....the Passion for Promarkers "anything goes" challenge too!

Ooooo - and the sweetie jars are from Tesco - and they are for the girls in my team at work!

Thanks for popping over - do please go and leave some love (and an entry??) at Aud Sentiments!


Snowman cards for teachers

Another couple of cards destined for school.  So nice and quick and easy!

I dont actually give Christmas cards!  No really, I used to go and buy them (gasp!), write them, address them and then not give them out!  So, I gave up on the whole thing!......until my son and hubby and family and friends started asking me to make Christmas cards for them to give!

Well, at least I dont have to remember to give them!

Cards for Men have a challenge to make Christmas Cards for Men - I made some prior to these, but these are my latest!

Thanks for looking