Monday, 25 January 2010

Image swap!

I joined up on paying it forward crafting style a little while ago.  The idea of the blog, run by Joanne, is that people make a random gift of goodies to another crafty peep - they then link back that they have done it!  How cool is that?

Well, then I got to thinking - I didnt have anyone's address so I couldnt send a little parcel of goodness to anyone - then I received a candy in the post and was so thrilled with the stamped images ..... see where I am going?  No?  Well read on....I thought that I would host an image swap!  YAY!  I get there eventually!  I can pay it forward but just in a different way!  Emailed Joanne - and she said, go for it .... so here we are!

So, here we go - you put at least 10 images into an envelope and then email me to get my address.  You pop them in the post to me with a stamped addressed envelope.  I then send them off to someone else and use your envelope to send 10 images to you!!!  How fab is that? 

Just a few rule type bits!!!  Please make sure you send ample postage (I am not going off to pick up any from our sorting office that have too little postage on them which means that they will be destroyed and you wont get any images in return!).   Please make sure you stamp your images on decent card and that they are clear - dont send any you wouldnt use yourself!  There are only 20 spaces on the swap and all swaps need to be sent to me by 14th Feb - yep, my postman will be so impressed with my many admirers!!! Obviously, the sooner you send them, the sooner you will get some back!  I am in the UK - so please could we just have people from UK for this first swap....if this goes ok then the next one (what am I saying...."next one"???) can be international.

I think thats it - I will not be responsible for any images lost in the post etc etc.  Yay - then I can consider that I have paid it forward crafty style by hosting the swap!!!! 

If you want to join in, just email me at gedalovitch at googlemail dot com - have amended email address to foil spammers (anyone know if this works??LOLX) - then I will send out my address to you. 

Please would you also leave a comment below to let everyone know you are joining in!

Woo Hoo!



Crafting Joanne said...

Fab idea Ruth and please count me in, will send you an email for your addy. I have posted a post on the PIFCS blog and I hope you will soon have all 20 slots filled up.


Joanne xx

JulyeB said...

Hi Ruth,love this idea, I paid it forward this morning, as I asked if anyone would send my son a get well card and had several very generous and kind felow crafters agree, so whenI found jacqui at simply create wanted cards for a charity I made one just got to pop it in the post to pay it forward.Would love to join in it sounds a fab way to get different images and I think it would be a fluke foryou to get back some the same as you sent so will email you and add a post on my blog too. Fab idea hope its the start of something big Julye

Ann said...

Hi Ruth- I'd love to join in with your image swap as I've just discoved the PIF blog & yours today!!
What a fab idea :D. Hope I'm not too late?? Ann xx

Ruthie said...

A quick update - this idea of foiling spammers doesnt work - they are slowly creeping in!!!


Joanne said...

Hi, I would like to join in this image swap and think it's a great idea. May I suggest a little note about copyright though and also which type of ink folk use to know how to colour them.

the crafty duck said...

Hi Ruth I would love to take part too, will email you for your addy,alo will write on back which ink I have used, love Steph

Pam said...

Hi Ruth found you via Crafting Joannes site would love to join in, will email you Pam x

my5bratz said...

what a fab idea, best of luck everyone :)