Thursday, 31 December 2009

Little Pressie for Mother-in-law

Hmmmm - two posts in one day...worrying!  This is a little brag card - it will have a photo on either side of the of my child of course!  The tag shows the paper on the other side of the card - its reversible!  Now for the fun bit...its made from a squashed toilet roll middle - yep really!  Saw this somewhere on my travels, but it was done as a book (by fixing a few of them together) - but just wanted to keep this really simple for her bag - she doesnt do with fancy fripperies!  This was so simple, so straightforward - little tip ... iron the toilet roll middle flat (and microwave if you are concerned about the germs!).  Would change it next time, would use one piece of card all round (I had to colour the exposed edges with a sharpie).  Would also use eyelets to finish off better.  Hey its all a learning process!  Will possibly decorate the front when she arrives later but need to chat to her about what she would like (dont want it being a pain in her bag!).  Will definitely do another one of these sometime!  Oh and the papers are stampin up - I won them in some candy from Carol Houghton x

ABC Challenge

A is for Angels....ok, not promising I will do all of these challenges....and this is not exactly an angel...more a fairy really!  The challenge was to include charms and bling - check!  Actually, looking at her here, I could prob persuade people she is an angel!  This image came from the candy that I won from Samantha at Penrith Crafts....seems only right that I should use it for this card (ABC is run by Samantha and pals).  I bought the little bells from Rymans ages ago, knew I would use them sometime!  The card looks a little plain now I have photographed it - there is glitter on her star, the little dots on her outfit and her wings....all done with sakura tiara pens (the glittery ones!)              The idea behind the blog is that you get ahead with your Christmas cards....I have a little issue with this, as I never send any!!!  Hmmmmm, see a bit of a flaw in my plan?  But she is just so pretty, she may well not make it until Christmas anyway - do I get told off if I use her early I wonder?   If you want to come and join in the is the blog!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Candle and box

You might recognise this box as one I made a few weeks ago - it was from Funky Fairy's workshop....well, I finally got round to doing the candle that was from the same workshop.  And how about this.....I didnt do it to match with the box, or to fit the box, but its just perfect!  Kind of a summer/winter thing going on there! 
I have never done one of these candles before and they really are a breeze - apart from being a little heavy on the heat!  See, if you look at the bottom of the candle....few candle runs!  But - still pleased with it! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Candy posts!

Ok - we have Jude's birthday candy - here is the pic - and HERE is the link!  And it ends on 6th Jan!
Ok - the second lot of candy belongs to Caz - it will include these stamps but also some other goodies!  HERE is where you go for this one!  And this one ends on 24/12/09

This Candy is from Wendy - she will be adding goodies to the package until the closing date - its due up on 15th Jan - and you need to click HERE to get to it!

Last lot - belongs to Marianne and finishes 16th Jan - you need to click HERE to go to it!  Phew such a lot of candy in blogland!  Will link all these into the sidebar soon!

Good luck all!

Friday, 11 December 2009


Have pinched this from Lorraine's blog - she says it so well!!!!

I appeal to everyone to please turn off word verification !! If you like use the owner approval option ,, then you can weed out undesirables ! I have never used word verification and I have NEVER had any problems ,.. When you have to leave so many comments on cards it takes twice as long and in my opinion completely unnecessary ! With everyone being so busy at the moment this little gesture will make all the difference to many of us

And I dont even have that many blogs to post on - lolx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Monkey and Libraries

Just thought I would post here quickly to highlight a couple of things with my other hat on!  When not crafting I work in libraries - yay!  We have a facebook reading group - so if you are on facebook go search for Havering Reading Group.  And we have a blog - Monkey Monkey!  - tis a take on Mums Monkey and is a monkey who travels around our libraries and generally shadows me in my job!  So much fun!  Well if you want a bit of an inside look on the life of a librarian...!!!!!  Havering Libraries are also on Twitter and Youtube - oh yes - there I am - the blonde Dawn French!  LOLx  I think the ID for both of these is HaveringLibraries - not original but it works!  Come and join us on Facebook or check out Monkey Monkey or one of the others!   Rx