Saturday, 31 July 2010


Oh - I have had so much fun this last week!  We had annual leave and did some daytrips.  We live in a London Borough - which means we are considered to be London - but I have never really done all the touristy things around London - so we went on an open top bus yesterday, all around the sights!  Such fun.  Included in our ticket price was a cruise down the Thames - we went down to Greenwich.  Now - this seems like so much rambling BUT its not!  Well, it is!  But not without a reason!

When we were in Greenwich we met this lovely lady who was doing felting.  Excuse the dragon - take a peek at my sidebar - we do a library blog with Dexter!  Anyway - the lovely lady showed Josh and me how to wet felt - we made a strawberry each! Then she showed us how to needle felt.

I liked this....alot!  Its quick, you can't do it wrong and its lots of fun!

This was my first thing I made.  Its a holder for my phone.  There is no sewing in this at all....not a single stitch.  Nope, not for putting it together, not for the flower or the strap - no sewing at all!  I had a strip of felt in my kit so felted on top of that - made it a bit thick but its definitely going to protect my phone!
Josh liked the case and wanted one for his ipod touch - have to say they feel really soft and fluffy!  Did this one with no backing felt which made it even softer.  He chose the colours - and, NO, I didnt put a flower on it!  Obviously this picture is of the back of it - it has the same flapover as the one above.

And this is a little bag I made today.  Its from normal felt - then I felted on the flower and edging.  I didnt use a pattern, just kinda made it up as I went along. 

Here it is again - it took a few hours, but all in front of the tv watching a film - so really no hardship!

And this is just a little something!  Not sure what I am going to do with this, was just playing around really. 

Could really see uses for this - flowers for cards, little scenes, just abstract colours etc.

I would urge anyone to go away and try it out if you have the time and inclination.  Its really lots of fun - and you cant actually do it wrong!

Thanks for looking


Monday, 26 July 2010

People leaving after candy winners announced!

Hmmmm - what can you do?  I had a little blog candy - Victoria won it!  There was no criteria for anyone to become a follower to enter the candy - but some people did, so I was really happy - and then a couple left when it was announced.  Just dont get it!  Mind you - am still so excited to be over the 100 mark - so yay to everyone else who didnt leave!  Think I will find a little candy for existing followers only!  Mind you - have to post the other one out first!

Watch this space - thank you for hanging around!


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pollycraft Flash Your Freebie! (PFYF!)

Oh Paula, from Pollycraft, is spoiling us now!  She gave us a freebie last week for using a freebie - now, if we use that freebie then we can get another freebie!!!  Eeeee!

This is the image we all received!  How cute?  And the challenge was to "go green" - I really wanted to hit the eco angle on this...but didnt!  LOL x

I couldn't decide what sentiment to use - and also didnt want to over-embellish - so went for a tent card with the sentiment you see!

But wait......

Flip it round and you see my other choice!  Hee hee - thought I could put this on my desk as a "mood monitor"....but - have lost it to my son already!  He has snaffled it for his room - which sounds great, but I just know that I will find it in a coupla weeks squished under a pile of books!

Hmmm - maybe I wait for him to go to bed then sneak in and nick it back off him!

Thanks for looking


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Aud Sentiments - Christmas!

Christmas has come early over on AudSentiments!!!  YAY!

Hmmmm - actually, I dont send Christmas cards!  Ok - its really not THAT shocking!  Lolx  I used to go out and buy all my cards, sit and write them, address them etc but never actually POST them!  I used to get so stressed about this that I decided I wouldnt send Christmas Cards anymore!  And the best bit is, that no one notices!  Seriously - those who are close to me know why I dont send them and dont mind - no one else seems to realise!

Last year, I was saying to my team that I dont send cards and one of my team was absolutely insistent that I had sent her cards every year!  It is just so busy at Christmas that no one really notices if you dont send a card!

So - onto the challenge!  This challenge was sponsored by Digi Doodles and we were very kindly give a pick of images. Ahhhh how could I have chosen anything else?

So - the challenge is to make a Christmas Card with any appropriate sentiment.  I used the shiny blotchy stuff.....mmmmm crystal something....eeee cant remember - but used it on the baubles.

Well - why dont you pop over to Digi Doodles and check out their great images - then go and check out the rest of the DT's wonderful offerings over at Aud Sentiments.  And finally - go make one and link it up!  This challenge is getting crazy out there now - we had over 100 entries this time - so if you wanna be in with the crowd, come and play along!

Thanks for looking


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

WOYWDW, WOMBDW & Candy draw

Yep - all 30 goodie bags done!  Also got Josh to write the thank you cards last night so everything is finished and in bags for tomorrow - feeling quite organised now!

Oh, by the way - this is my WOYWDW - or actually Tuesday!

This is WOMBDW - "Whats out my back door Wednesday!" - hee hee

And this one too!  We don't have a huge garden - enough for a trampoline, some grass and some flowers.  For where we live its a good size,  but this is England, we save all the green bits for the parks!  Oh and of course the Lake District!
Yes - this isn't in the back garden - a little cheat here!  Oh - and it wasnt taken on Wednesday - actually on Monday evening!  So I suppose it would be - WOMTITFDOME - Whats on my trailer in the front drive on Monday evening!  This is out moggy Popcorn - and she was absolutely disgusted because we had just given her some flea treatment!  

Final picture!!!  This was taken on Sunday - and no I am not going to work out those initials!  We launched our Summer Reading Challenge in our libraries over at a community fayre.  It was very hot and very busy - the theme for the UK this year is the "Space Hop" - well we couldn't miss out on the chance of getting space hoppers!  I was doing facepainting with a colleague and was the one lucky enough to do this guy - he was such a good laugh!
OK - CANDY!!!  The winner was Number One - that's Victoria!!!!  Well done Victoria - could you email me your addie - gedalovitch at gmail dot com.  
Thanks so much to everyone who joined in.


Monday, 19 July 2010

Thank you cards finished

Well - his nibs breaks up on Thursday - so still got a few days to go.

Goodie bags are packed and just need their tops added.

Lisa and Ladies (above) are the dinner ladies who always seem to have a lovely smile - no matter whether its before school, selling lunch tickets, or at lunchtime!

Mrs Kelly is the classroom assistant in Josh's class - she is so sweet and lovely!

Mrs Bush is the headteacher.  We haven't had a great deal to do with her (its a large school) but she has been very nice to Josh since he arrived just before Easter.

Mrs Mangan is the lady in the office!  Boy, when my kiddo wants thank you cards he wants them for everyone!!!

And finally - the classroom teacher, Mr Evans.  He says that Josh is highly intelligent, extremely elequent but with the concentration of a gnat!  YEP!  Thats my boy!

CANDY - I will pop back tomorrow evening and announce the winner....just building up the tension - lolx


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Emma's New Shop!!!

WOW - fancy winning £10???  Well Emma is offering a £10 voucher to her new store here.  But you know, even without the incentive to blog about it...I would have put this up! 

Emma was one of the first people I came into contact with when I first set up my blog - she was kind and welcoming to blogland which counts alot to me!

Go on - go and check out Emma's Store - its looking good - Emma's still adding things - but think I am gonna pop over later and grab some Dew Drops.....mmmmmmmmmmm spend money!

Good Luck Emma!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Dont seem to get the chance to play along with this very often!  But just had to today......yep its cute and furry!

Not sure what the wonky photo is about!!!

But yes - that is a rather cute and furry hamster - called..... DA BEAST!!!

She is just sooooo sweet!  She really belongs to Josh - but I quite like her too!  Mind you - we have a lizard, two cats, two guinea pigs (up until Sunday it was 3!!), some fish - and ....DA BEAST!!

Ok - the makings of Josh's thank you cards for his teachers - and also, just behind, the toppers for his bags of sweeties - 30 of them!  Hence the very plain design - lol

And these are just a sample of the pics I took trying to get something useable!!

Thanks for looking

Go and check out the other WOYWWers


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bit dry in the crafting department!

Yep - not much going on over here lately!  Bit of a dry spell really.

Over at Pollycraft, Paula asked if we could post up something created with one of her freebies.  Well, she is just so generous that I had a few to choose from!  I decided to use Cody though.

And here she is with her cover lifted.  Decided to go pale and interesting - there are just waaaaay too many orange skinned people around here!

Well - gonna hop over and link up my notepad.  Paula said she will send us another freebie for doing that!  See, method in my madness!

There are other freebies on the site, so if you wanna join in just pop on over to Pollycraft!

Thanks for looking


Friday, 9 July 2010

The answer....

Yep - you got it was to do with the leaves!  If you don't know what on earth I am going on about, just take a peep at yesterday's post!  I really couldnt decide whether the leaves should be over or under the image!  I did finally decide on under for the same reason a couple of peeps said - they covered the image otherwise!

Gotta go and do things now - and should YOU really be sitting there reading blog posts????  Hmmmm??  Oh, OK then - glad you are reading blog posts!!!!


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Aud Sentiments - No sentiment!

Gosh - there were sooooo many entries to the last challenge!  50!!!  I have to say that I, personally, get so much inspiration out of looking at all the entries.  I love that we get to vote on them too - within the team there is a cool mix of styles so it means that everyone has a fair chance of winning rather than just one style of card!

Oh, enough already!

Our challenge this time is to not use a sentiment at all!  Now, I absolutely loved this idea as I often dont put a sentiment on until I decide who the card is for! 

We are sponsored by the rather wonderful spesch stamps and we were very lucky to be given stamps to use on our creations.

This one was a little different to some of their other designs.  I really just loved it! 

Now - here is a challenge for you - you need to spot the difference between the middle two photos on this blog!  Thats photos 2 and 3.  There is a very subtle difference and I just couldnt decide which one I preferred!

Leave me a comment if you figure it out!

Back to the challenge.....we would love to see your creations without sentiments.  If you would like to join in then just pop on over to AudSentiments and get all the details. 

Spesch have offered 3 digi stamps or one clear stamp to the winner.

Oh - and while I remember, we have two new DT members - Emma and Susan!  They are mum and daughter and they were entering our challenge so often, and their creations were so wonderful that everyone knew they just had to join the team!  Go and check out their blog!

thanks for taking the time to visit


Friday, 2 July 2010


Hmmmm- I didnt get onto Kenny Ks DT - not too sad about that because the standard was just crazy high!  BUT was thinking that I didnt ACTUALLY need to be on a DT to concentrate on particular designers that I really like!  Soooooo - am in the middle of sorting out a plan - am going to schedule myself particular designers to work with on particular days - or maybe just on a rota (so I dont end up always missing out on one designer cos that day is busy!).  Ha ha - feel a bit creepy and a bit like a stalker - but its not like that really!!!

Think I would like to spend one day working only with physical stamps (as in, not digis) cos I do find these more of a challenge.  And also, they do tend to get neglected a little!

Designers whose images I particularly want to work with are....Mo Manning - quirky and fun.  Karens Doodles - just so rounded and cute!  Pollycraft - great range of images.  Kenny K - just think his girls are beautiful and spot on!  And....possibly Tilda? Oh and I like the Sugar Nellie stuff....and I am sure there will be others I have forgotten for now - and I will have to keep coming back and amending this!  Oh and BUGABOO!!!  Have just been over and ordered LOADS of images - 50% off!!!

Hmmm - anyone else got any ideas?

Oooooo - also Dustin Pike - because I have hugggge numbers of his images and dont really use them enough anymore!

OK - I have my first list up - left sidebar - sure this list will get added to - but hoping to keep it relatively small

Obviously I will still keep up with my fabby DT for AudSentiments - and Doodle Palace, when they get their team up and running again!

And the card????  Just because!

Thanks for reading my warbling (if you did!!!)