Friday, 12 February 2010

Purple Win!

I am so lucky and have won some candy from YNS - the home of Fhiona!  The challenge was to identify what they meant when they said that they were going purple.  I guessed that their rubber was now going to be purple and my name came out of the hat (think there were alot of names in that hat!).  I am now waiting for my yummy surprise to arrive in the post...mmmmmm rubber....where is that postman?  Hang on.....Nope - wasnt him!  .....nor then!  Ok, must remember it comes from America - mind you last time I bought something from there it was ridiculously quick.....postman?!  Well, if you would like to have a look at their shop - and wonder at the goodies etc etc - then here is where you need to go!....Sorry, cant wait until you get back - have to go and see if the post has arrived! 


1 comment:

Wilfreda said...

Congrats!!! I got the $10 YNS bucks. Waiting on my package too :)