Wednesday, 27 February 2013


No, not yet.....but it is over at AudSentiments!  Our challenge this time is to use an Easter Sentiment.

I live on the Essex/London borders - quite close to Romford and Brentwood! Yep - The Only Way is Essex is alive and well over here!  Luckily, the weather has been chilly, so we have been spared an excess of ORANGE SKIN!   So, as homage to my surroundings - I thought I would use some lovely bright orange on the flowers and of course....the sentiment!

And a nice close up  on the bunnykins - he makes me smile so much!  I just loved colouring him!

So, if you want to bring out your hidden Essex - or just join in with our Easter Challenge (which has nothing to do with Essex really!) then pop over to Aud Sentiments!

Look forward to catching up with you over there x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Show us your inside.....

Lol - don't panic...we don't really want to see anything gross!  Over at AudSentiments the challenge is to show us the sentiment on the inside of your card.  We were sponsored by Rick St Dennis. 

And here is the inside....yes, a bit predictable!  

And a close-up on the image - I really enjoyed doing this monochrome colouring!

Thanks for popping over!


Paper Cutting

I have long been a fan of the wonderful PaperPanda.  She does the most incredible papercuts by hand.  So, methinks, I wonder if I could do that....

Turns out...I can!  With lots of Panda help!  Panda does a "Trainee Panda" kit, so of, course, I just HAD to have it!  The design above is one of the ones that came with the kit!  Also in the kits is a scalpel, cutting mat, starter designs - and the all important "Trainee Panda" badge - without which you cannot possibly cut anything!!!

There is also a facebook challenge to create and cut your own design with the theme of your favourite it is.....

Yep,  my own design and handcut....but then I wondered if my machine couldn't just do this so much quicker - and save my arthritic hands (have had child arthritis, so still have issues with certain things!)....

It did take a bit of fiddling to find the right paper - the poster paper used for the handcut was just toooooooo fragile.  So I moved onto copier paper weight - that wasn't quite right (by "quite right" read "complete mess") - then I grabbed some very lightweight card - think its about 150gsm...maybe...ish!

Here are the two side-by-side - handcut on the left.  Little fluffy bit at the bottom left of the photo is Popcorn Cat!

The machine cut one is the one above....

Close ups - left hand side are the machines, right hand side are the hand cuts.

So not really a huge amount in it.  I was very impressed that the eclips managed to cut it out at all (once I had got the settings sorted).  

So there ya go....lots of fun!

thanks for popping by today x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Aud Sentiments ADULT!

Lol - did that title make you come take a look?  Over at Aud Sentiments our challenge is to create and ADULT Valentines' card.  We have been sponsored by Sassy Stamps - so sexy!

This is my first attempt at colouring Black Hair - I asked my son's friend what colour to use!

I am so chuffed how it came out!  And surprised too!

Just have to hope Hubby doesn't see this on my blog before he gets it in real life!  ..... the card!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Birthday scientist

 Another image from Simply Betty - gone a bit mad on these!  

This was for Tony's birthday and lots of fun to colour.

Chuffed at how this one turned out!  Better than the last post!

Thanks for popping by today....Rx

Simply Betty Steampunk - oh dear!

The good and the bad - and the downright ugly!  

I decided to join in with another facebook challenge over at Simply Betty - so I got the image and set about deciding what to do with it.  

Hmmmm methinks - I have some bits on eclips cartridges I can cut out to go with this.  Dig, dig, dig...yep, a card front with cogs, and some clock hands, and a spooky fence....perfect!  So I duly cut them out - and they were gorgeous.

Then I coloured in the image - I loved doing her hair and think it came out well.

Then I tried to put it all together....oh dearie me....what a disaster!  Ready to look?....

Well, never say that I only put up the good stuff! 

Thanks for popping by - at least you had a giggle!