Monday, 28 January 2013

Alicia's Challenge - thankyou

It seems like sometimes it takes me forever to make a card, and other times it just comes together....well this is both!  

I coloured this a while ago - all but the armchair!  Then it sat on my desk, looking at me!  I just couldn't find time to get that armchair coloured!  The image is from Alicia! and I love it so much.   

Well this weekend I finally finished colouring and it came together like a dream.  I am hoping that the lady who is going to receive this card doesn't spot this before I get the chance to give it to her on Saturday!

The challenge over at Alicia's is to use your fave crafty product - well I used two of mine, one you can see and one you can't!  My wonderful copics was the fave you CAN see!  And my collall glue is the fave you can't see!  Some of the other girls were raving about this at the crafty weekend so I just had to try it - and I love it! 

 Well, that's me done!  Thanks for popping by!!!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Laters, baby!

Lol - suspect some will get the title to this post and others won't!  Its from Fifty Shades of Grey - I haven't read it but have gleaned this much!  

This is for Lana who is reading the book now!  I used Saturated Canary's Grey Tie image - gorgeous!

The photos are a bit odd - no shiny bits in reality!  But my eyes are virtually crossed because this was a  really quick card for her birthday tomorrow - hubby's work colleague!!!

Dead chuffed with the colouring - could have been better, but I am getting there!  

Thanks for popping by!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Aud Sentiment....Winter Sentiment

We are announcing our new DT over at Aud's in the next few days - how exciting!  Here is my DT submission for the challenge...use a winter sentiment!  AND we were so kindly sponsored by Bugaboo - who you know, I just adore!

Rather usefully, this gave me the opportunity to work on my colouring again - kind of a mixed result on this one - some bits I really like and some bits are...less good!

And a closeup....

Thanks for popping over today - why not join in with our challenge...and possibly even get a headstart on next year's cards???


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Simply Betty Challenge

Oh I have had such fun with this image - so much fun to colour!  I saw the challenge on Betty's facebook page and grabbed the image to play with...then I saw Deb Jennett's colouring and it blew my mind!  So, since I am still playing and learning, I hoped she wouldn't mind if I copied her colouring...and I learnt so much from doing it!  It is so cool to not think about light sources etc and just think about how you are laying the ink down and trying to replicate the style of colouring!  

Anyway - here is the finished card.....

And here is a close up of the colouring...I can truthfully say that I have never done such great colouring before - great by my standard and certainly not other people's!!!  AND not a patch on Deb's work, but I am so chuffed with the outcome!

Thanks for having a look - Betty still has the image available to use for this challenge - but you have to be quick - the challenge ends on the 7th Jan!