Thursday, 30 September 2010

Aud Sentiments - Halloweeeeeeen!

I love making little boxes - just dont know why I dont do them more often - I find them so satisfying!

So this is my little halloween set....the template for the coffin came from Martha Stewart - it was just on her website!  I made one last year for a treat box for Joshy - its been used as a money store all year so I thought I needed to make a new one this year.

We were so lucky to have The Cutting Cafe as our sponsor over at Aud Sentiments this time. They have such a variety of products over there all of which are so fun to work with! We were lucky enough to use the treat boxes and they are so easy to make and so adorable! They are giving the winner of this challenge 3 sets of their choice! WOW! 

I used pipe cleaners for his legs - and I suspect the sentiment thingy was from Cuddly Buddly - although please dont hold me to it!

I had such a time trying to work this out though....the idea is that there are two boxes and the child gets to pick which one they think the treat is in and which one will have the trick...I made a little cardboard spring so that the spider jumps up at them - had to prop it on the edge of the box to get this picture.

And because the lids and boxes are the same size, I can swap the lids around each time - so the treat really could be in either box!

So - down to the challenge - ha ha, all this way and I only just get round to it!

Your challenge is to "Use Any Halloween Sentiment" and the bonus challenge is to make a treat holder.

I really cant wait to see what everyone makes - I just love seeing boxes and packaging!  Oooo and you just gotta go over and check out the other DT member's stuff - amazing!  SO, why are you still here?  Oh, the link to Aud it is!

Still here?  Just as well you are....keep a lookout tomorrow - I have a lickle bit of news!  Shhhhhhhhhh....its a secret!!!


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Little bit quiet - get over there and win!

Have just looked and seen that there are only 11 entries in Aud Sentiments challenge so far!  Just thought I would give you a quick "heads up" - the sentiment is Cheers, so why dont you pop on over and have a quick go!

Link is in my left sidebar!


Friday, 24 September 2010

One for the boys!

I hardly ever make any masculine cards - most of my male friends are not into the masculine stuff!

I chose this image from Delicious Doodles and discovered something wonderful....I didnt even need to colour it in!!!  I just looked at it and thought it looked quite brilliant as it was!

So - just added a few dirty smudges (yep and a fingerprint!) and it was just about done!

See?  Just doesnt need anything else!  Oh yes - there will be some wonderfully crafty types who will want to do more - but I just like it plain and my men!

Josh was very impressed with the fingerprint and wanted to do we did and then made it into a spider!  He was so chuffed - its on our shelf now!  I just asked him what its name is and its.....HECTOR!

Thanks for stopping by!  Ooooo and check out the post below this for my stress reliever post!!!



Oooooo - that was a really pushy title for this post!!!  Hee hee!  I just wanted to encourage everyone to be brave and face one thing that is weighing heavy on their mind! 

I just pulled out of a group I was in (not a DT position or owt!) - because I really just cant commit to it fully.  AND I FEEL SO GOOD!  It is like a huge weight has been lifted!  It was a lovely group (not demanding or anything) but I was feeling so bad that I couldnt keep on top of things with it - so I just left a lickle post for them explaining that I would be pulling out.  I know they will understand (or, of course, they may just start sending me hate mail!!!  Lolx).

SO - I wanted to spread this sense of relief far and wide - please, take the time to face something that has been weighing you down and deal with it!  We all know that those big deals are often not big deals when we get on and do something about them! 

Feel free to leave a comment if you do something then I can share in your relief too!

Thanks for popping by


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Little bit of playtime!

While I was sitting at the table with Josh, doing his homework - no, he was doing his homework, not me!  Start again....Josh was doing his homework at the table so I sat with him and fiddled with some crafty fun!

I love, love, love little quickies like this...just inked up a flower, inked the pearl and added 3 skeleton leaves!

Have been playing along with some of the challenges at Stamping Vacation - and this one is to use a leaf as an embellishment.  It also fits their Sweet challenge - you really gotta check out this site!

And inside.... a little something sweet!  Had to keep dragging these back from Josh!  Good job I had a pack of 4.

Cut this little snowflake out when I was playing with my ecraft - it cut beautifully - no mat, and in this example, no tabs either!

Then we decided he looked like an alien!  So I turned him into a fridge magnet!

Hmmmm - not sure if this still fits with the FIRE AND ICE challenge over at stamping vacation!  I mean, it started as the ice bit - but then it became an alien!

Here he is, with his shopping bag and fork, on the fridge.  Josh had such fun with this - he told me where to glitter this one (and the other two that will go on cards) and also loved the googly eyes.  He arranged it on the fridge!  He THEN went and finished his homework!  I am not a good mother some days!


Friday, 17 September 2010

Quick and simple with my ecraft! Free svg or crw file if you want it!

I decided that I would do a quick something to welcome my boy home from his school trip!  Had about 15 minutes to do it in, so I grabbed my ecraft machine.  Used inkscape to make the word and the mat - imported it into the ecraft software - and hey presto!  No mats etc - love it! 

The whole thing took about 10 minutes - so still have time for a quick cuppa!

AND - the use of the alphabet also matches up to a couple of challenges....Lisa over at A Day in the Life of a Craft Fairy wanted to see die-cut alphabets - she said it was ok to use electronic cutters.

AND - its been ages since I joined in with the Order of the Opus Gluei for one of their blog hops!  This blog hop is one around alphabets!  YAY!

And a little sneaky something for Josh to discover later!  He is having a friend over for a sleepover tonight, so think these will be good for a midnight snack.

thanks for popping by!


PS If you want the svg file of this then just leave me a comment with your email in it (obviously write the words dot and com to avoid spam picking up your email addie)

Hornchurch Library Craft Fayre

Just thought I would post this up.  We have a craft fayre in planning for Hornchurch Library last Saturday in October.  There are 5 tables remaining - so if you are wanting one just give them a ring!


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Aud Sentiments - Cheer Up!

I am just finding it so hard to believe that we are on Challenge 11 at Aud Sentiments now!  No Really!  That's 22 weeks of challenges - thats like...oh, 20/4 = 5 ...hang on, just check that again.....YES 5 MONTHS!  It really doesnt feel like its been that long!

And we are really lucky to have some great sponsors for our challenges too....this time it is Robyn's Fetish 

 They are giving the winner 5 Robyn's Fetish digital products. Thanks so much! If you haven't had a chance to work with their products you need to check them out! They are so cute and so versatile as you will see from the rest of the DTs creations.

Onto the challenge!  This time we all need to use the sentiment "Cheer Up" - it can be added to as well!  BUT please remember to use these words (its not enough just to say that the card will cheer you up, yes, I know it will, but it needs to say it!!! LOL).  Oh - and you also need to remember to link back to Aud Sentiments too!

And here is my card!  We were very kindly given images to work with - I had just bought the flourish die and so had lots of these kicking around!

So, tell me, why are these cards so hard to photograph?!!

And a bit of a close-up!  Used glaze pens on the flowers.  Overall, not my best card!  Or maybe just not really my normal style!  Bit too "GREEN" for me!  But, its always good to move out of your comfort zone!

Come on then, lets see what you have!  Take a little leap over to Aud Sentiments and see what the others have been doing and then link your creation up!  Good Luck!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Delicious Doodles DT Call!

All the D's ....Delicious Doodles Dt Call (oooops, well and a C!) -

Terri has decided to put together a DT and is calling for people to throw their hat in the ring.....weeeeeeeeee....fplopf!  It was a beanie!!! 

I have to post some of my best works into this post....hmmmmm - thats where things get hard - because what one person likes another doesnt.

So, do I show something plain and simple?  Like a bookmark?

Or something with recycled wallpaper!!!

Or something flowery?

Or maybe, I should show something more contemporary?

Or a Christmassy card?  I mean, we are heading that way now aren't we?

Or maybe an altered notebook?

Or two?

Or three!!!!

Or something different, like a candle?

Or a box - with chocolate....mmmmmmm!

Or a challenge I have enjoyed recently?

Or maybe something more personal, like my son's birthday card?

Or something funny?

Or maybe, I should include something with one of their images?

Sigh - I just really can't think what I should include - maybe I will do better tomorrow - OR feel free to leave me a comment with some suggestions!!!

Thanks for popping by....I dusted!

Rx (ruthie)

Another Challenge Card!

Well - another challenge card!  I have been having lots of fun lately - have one of the new ecraft machines!!!!!  So - what with playing with that, back to work (am fulltime), Josh back to school, 4 sessions of exercise a week (look, I am trying ok?) and the usual houseworky stuff (!!!) its been really strange to have time to craft too!

Well, I guess where there's a will....this image makes me smile!  The quilt look is to fit in with the inspiration challenge over at Kaboodle Doodles' blog. 

And this is the inside!  And THIS reference links very nicely to the fairytale of Cinderella!  AND that fits nicely with Cupcake Craft's Challenge to link with books and stories! 

AND her attitude fits in great with Fab 'n' Funky Challenges WHAT EVA challenge!  Hmmmm - they also have a DT call going on - what fun!

AND just found the stamping vacation blog and this fits perfectly into one of their challenges to NOT use eyelets or brads!  Now thats my kinda challenge!

Well, thanks for popping by

Rx (Ruthie!)

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Just a quick make today.  We read LOTS of books in our house (I'm a "reader development manager - librarian in old money!) consequently, we lose a whole lot of bookmarks!  So, thought I would knock up a couple of real quick bookmarks for the Karen's Doodles Challenge.  Now, I have to say that these are not going to set the world alight, but who spends too long on bookmarks when they will probably be lost in a few days (did I mention we lose ALOT of them?).

These images always make me smile!

bit do it justice!

And of course, you need to get the dog in there too!

and a closeup of that one too!

Thanks for popping by


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Challenge Card - second post today!

Just like buses - nothing for days and then two posts together!

Ahhhh - am just about to pop this in the post with some fairy papers etc for my friend's little girl!  She was the little one in the photo of the kids staring at the trifle!

And it fits 4, read that 4 challenges!

OK - the first is Craft Your Days Away - and they are looking for Girly n Glitter - not sure how well it shows up actually - but there is glitter on the cardstock (the yellow flowers) and on her tiara and her shoes, and little specks on her dress and the stars in the background.   I have been so trying to get to join in with their challenge, but just havent made it - until now!!!

The second challenge is - Saturday Challenge - they were looking for clean and simple cards - now, that is something I am moving much more towards lately - so this was right up my street!
The next two challenges were a little different - Crazy 4 Challenges - wanted us to be inspired by a book - well that's easy .... "Ballet Shoes" by Noel Streatfeild!

And finally - but of course, not least!  Charisma Cards wanted us to be inspired by a song!  I chose Private Dancer - but not for naughty reasons - I wanted a song that reflected the quote - "Dance as if no one is watching" - and she looks like she is doing just that! 

Phew - that was fun!

Thanks for popping by today (twice!!!)


Wedding anniversary - mine!

Yes - well, I should say OURS!  11 years today!  And still glad to be with each other.  We have actually been together for nearly 20 years but married for only 11 of them (the other 9 were a bit on and off!).

And here is his card!  I have to say - that I am actually the morning one!

Have used the delightful glossy accents to give him milk bottle glasses!  Oh - by the way - we look nothing like these two!

Oh - by the way, by the way (!!!) - the image and sentiment is Bugaboo!  Argghhhh - love these!

This is the inside - before the sloppy bit gets written!

And can link this card to a challenge over on stamping vacation - its to celebrate any occassion!  Well, this one hits the spot!

Now - wouldn't normally bother doing another shot of this - but it has been cut out with a rather fabby new machine on the market!  The ecraft!  It is a personal cutter, like the robo, wishblade, cricut etc...but...wait for has NO MATS!!!!  Seriously!  I cut this from the paper and didnt have to stick it to a mat!  It cuts from SD cards or from the computer!  OK - that's the exciting stuff - the less exciting stuff is that it has teething problems (hey its only been out about 2 weeks!) - mainly around cutting from the pc.  BUT, I have had no big issues with it - it cuts SVG files!

Well - thanks for popping by - am going to get ready to go out now!


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Aud Sentiments - Best Wishes and new DT

Wow - what a team!  We have added to our DT now - we lost two members (soooo sad, still grieving!  Lolx)  We were supposed to be only picking 2, but "best laid plans" and all that...we ended up picking 5!!!

AND here they are!

Scrappy of It's A Scrappy World
Maria of Joyful Stamper
Lorraine of Coldwaters2
Dee of Dee's Design Blog
Gloria of CrafterGM
Please hop over to their blogs and give them a huge welcome!

This next challenge we are lucky enough to have The Stamping Boutique. They have such cute images! Be sure to check them out. They are giving the winner of this challenge 3 digis of their choice.
Here is a little bit about them...
"I'm Tracey Malnofski, the artist and owner of The Stamping Boutique. My team and I are very happy to sponsor Aud Sentiments. My store has been open since September 2009. I've worked for InStyleStamps, Squigglefly, and TheDigiShack. I'm a professional artist and an active member of the Artist' Guild in my community. I have quite a busy household with a husband, 3 teenagers, 5 mini-dachshunds and an Appaloosa mare. It's noisy, but I love them all. I'm truly blessed. " 

Oooo I know how Tracey feels - we have a lizard, two cats, a hamster, 2 guinea pigs - and a child!!!  Oh and a husband!  Not even half of what Tracey is up to!

We were lucky enough to be able to pick an image each - and I chose this little lady!  She really called to me - and was so quick to colour.

I used a spare plastic box - it will fit a tiny pack of tissues, some cough sweets and a lip salve...just perfect!

This was one of those projects that I found hard to photograph!  Can you guess???  Lolx

Thanks for popping by today - if you would like to join in the fun then make your project using the sentiment "Best Wishes" and take a quick hop over to Aud Sentiments and link it up.  I know that I would love to win some more of these images!


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No piccy today!

Just wanted to pop by real quick to let you know that Aud has drawn the candy for this month!  Pop over to Aud Sentiments to find out who has won!  I was just going to add "and while you are there enter the challenge or apply for the DT position" BUT you can't do either of those as they are both now you will have to pop over and enter the September candy!

For the month of September we are lucky enough to have Really Reasonable Ribbon as our sponsor. They are giving the winner a $15 Gift Certificate.
Here is a little bit about their company...

"Really Reasonable Ribbon has been meeting the ribbon needs of crafters, wedding planners, rubberstampers, scrapbookers and the artistic community for over 10 years. We offer great wholesale pricing on full spools of many of our styles, and really reasonable discount retail pricing on ribbon by the yard. Stop by our blog at for great ribbon crafting ideas and inspiration. We host challenges on the 1st and 15th of each month."

SO!  You know what to do - go over to Aud's and enter the candy!

thanks for popping by today!