Wednesday, 3 February 2010

OK - this just has to be my last post today WOYWDW!

Ok - this, believe it or not, is our dining table, my craft table, the homework table etc etc.  Now - why am I posting this????  Well I have finally decided to join in with Whats on your workdesk Wednesday!  You need to pop over to Julia's site and check out all the others.

Now - at the back are my baskets - the left has colouring stuff, my xcut shaped thingies, and my big bite and gromlets.  The right one has scissors, sticky stuff, pens, pencils etc etc etc.  Behind the light you can just see two of my fabby graze boxes, some rubber waiting to be inked, and my images ready to colour.  The pot with the red lid has buttons in it.  On my desk is the calendar which was posted ages the front are some squares of material - the first stage of my patchwork!  YAY gonna make a quilt!!!  Oh and of course my ipod.

The second part of the day was to "show us yer drawers" but I didnt have any!  So I thought I would show my cupboard.
Everything I have, crafting wise, that isnt on the table is in here - it all has to squeeze in!  Phew where to start?  On top is a tub with made cards in, some 12x12 paper, some sweeties (hey my 9 year old doesnt ever think of getting the chair out and climbing up to get them!).  The first shelf has stamps, my little die cutting thingy, my paper factory (!!!!), some candles waiting to be done etc.  The next shelf has embellies in the grey storage thingy, there is a tub of sewing stuff (xstitch etc) and a tub for embossing (dry and heat).  The next shelf has stuff like punches in one tub - extra glues etc - and my eyelet setter, patterned scissors and paper punches.  Just below these - the two white box things have envelopes and cards in them and next to that is a tub of stickers, and more stick on type thingies.  Finally....!  I have my papers and cards.  In the purple storage is all bits and bobs to do with my wishblade - which, along with my sewing machine is in the bottom door of my other matching cupboard.  These cupboards were from Ikea and are just brilliant!  Oh - and beside the cupboard are two paper cutters (!!!) and some spare chipboard bits!  
Phew - what a tour!  Now everyone has seen my dirty secrets!  I feel cleansed!


Julia Dunnit said...

Cleansed! I think you're right - it's probably the subliminal motivation for WOYWW! Thanks for sharing your space...when I swing left next week, you'll see that we are cupboard sisters...I have all the 'stuff' behind doors and it's in very definite places, just as yours is!

Sam said...

that's a neat desk!! You really ought to mess it up a bit so that the rest of us feel a bit better!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love that you have images stamped just waiting to colour in, now that's organized! Great cupboards too, you utilize them well!!