Thursday, 31 March 2011

Aud Sentiments - For a child!

LATE!!!!    ARGHHHHH!!!!!  They're gonna kick me out!!!!!

Before I get to the challenge I want to let you all know that we will be having a blog hop for our 1st Birthday! It will run from April 14-April 26. There will be lots of prizes so be sure to mark it on your calendars! We would love for you to pass the word along by grabbing the badge from the sidebar and posting about the hop.

Thanks a bunch and hope to see you at the hop!

For this challenge we have Digi Doodles as our sponsor.

They have the cutest images. You should definitely go check them out. They are giving the winner $10 Gift Certificate to the store. 
Oooo I dont know if its me, just cant get blogger to play with me today - so, nothing to do but say the challenge is to make a card or use a sentiment for a child!  
Thanks for peeping!  Rx

Monday, 28 March 2011

More yummies!

We are moving our office tomorrow - we have been in a huge portacabin but are moving into the main library building tomorrow!  I do like a move around!

To help keep everyone going, I made some cakes!  Really, this isnt going to turn into a blog about cakes, so bear with me!  It just seems like my cardmaking mojo is lying drunk under a bush somewhere!  Oh come on, if you find it send it home to me so I can give it lots of coffee, sober it up and start making cards again!

On to the cakes!

I ordered some cupcake boxes, but they havent arrived yet - so of course I had to add another couple of cakes to keep them all from "sloshing" around!

Thanks for popping by - usual service will be resumed soon - when I find my mojo!!!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

I got two awards!!!

I am just so chuffed!  I got two blog awards!

I got this first one from Toni!  How lucky am I?  Please pop over and check out her blog - she is doing a really diverse range of things on there, from mug hugs to baskets! 

As with most awards, I need to tell you 8 things about me.....

1.  I used to bellydance - danced at my wedding and even danced at a nightclub where there were West Ham Footballers!

2.  As a family, we have 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a lizard, a rescue bunny, some fish, a hamster...and shhhhh another rescue hamster coming on Tuesday!

3.  I used to have a horse that I owned and a horse that I loaned - both Arabs and both beautiful

4.  I work in libraries, but also have a secret hankering to be an RE teacher (religious education) - I love finding out about other people's religions, even though I am not religious myself....I also would LOVE to have a faith myself.

5.  I have one brother and we are both adopted (from different families)

6.  I surf too much and this means I have less time to craft - which really bugs me when I do it!

7.  My spiritual home is the Lake District.  I spent long periods there as a child and try to get back every year - no jobs for hubby and me, else we would have been up there by now!

8.  I was given some singing lessons by hubby for a birthday present and was kinda good - teacher said I had sufficient range to do opera!!!  Yep - surprised me too!

Phew - that was quite hard going!

Now - I have to hand this award onto 8 other people - I havent done the counting but would like to give it to my teamies at AUD SENTIMENTS - there is a list in the sidebar and they are all very inspirational!  

And my second award is from CG - you have just gotta check out her piano hinge mini books!  I had never heard of them until I saw CG's blog!  

Now - as I have posted my 8 things above, I wont do that again!  Dont want to bore you twice!

So that leaves me to hand on this award to some other bloggers - and again, I am going to pass it onto my teamies at Delicious Doodles!  Normally I would pick individual peeps - but I think this award really suits them because they are so versatile!

Thanks Toni and CG!  Going to pop these awards in my sidebar now!


Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Fave - Flashlight on a Friend!

I have been meaning to do something like this for ages!  So today is the day!  I love the people who follow me - whether they leave comments or not!  I can tell from my page stats that lots of people pop over and take a peek but dont leave a comment - I completely know where you are at!  I just look at so many things on peoples blogs and get so little time to leave comments!  BUT I love the work I see out there and there is just so much talent and inspiration!

Anyhow - I thought that I would randomly pick someone who is a follower and find my fave project they have done in the last month!  This was truely random I have to say - asked hubby to pick a number!  

The blog I landed on this time was Pam's Space - and my fave pic happened to be this one.....

Now, before you leave me wonderfully flattering comments -

Please, if you get the chance, pop on over to Pam and say Hi! 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

More yummy goodness!

Hmmmm - just had to go out and buy some cupcake making stuff!  Made my first batch (on my own) today...had a blast!

They are for Josh's "friend" Rebecca for her birthday....mmmmmmmm.....yummy!

Oh - and a heads up for tomorrow - Delicious Doodles have a new challenge starting tomorrow - pop on over and check it out if you get the chance!

thanks for popping by!


Friday, 18 March 2011

Delicious Doodles - 3D project

Oh my, its been another busy week!  Lots of meetings around London this week - and Josh has been shipped from pillar to post bless him!  Still next week should be quieter!

Over at Delicious Doodles this week, we have a challenge to make something 3 dimensional - could be a box, a bag, a cat....oh no, maybe not!  

I needed a clock for my kitchen - have needed one for ages and wanted to have a go at altering a cheapie one....well Tesco came in for me again!  I think this was about £, I pulled it apart and then measured the face...a little bit of playing on inkscape with some of Teri's images and here you are.  It was really easy to do - no, REALLY easy to do.  I wanted to colour it (just creams), but hubby wanted it plain, so of course...its plain!  Will colour it when I am bored with it!  


I am really beginning to enjoy altering things....and doing 3d stuff, bags and the like - but they do seem like a bit of a cheat!

Well, hope you can find the time to join in with us!

Have a great Friday


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cupcake decorating class!

Mmmmmm I went to a cupcake decorating class at our library last night!  And these are what I made!  No really, I made them...I did the swirly icing, made the roses and leaves and flowers!  How cool are these?  And how cool is the lady who managed to teach us how to do these - you should have seen what the other ladies did!

And this is what the cupcakes looked like 34 seconds after I walked through the door with them.....

And the culprit!

All that work gone in seconds!!!!

Thanks for popping over - and Julie thanks for the "heads up" about the challenge over at Craft Us Crazy - all entered up!


Aud Sentiments - Get Well

Wow we had alot of entries last week - over 100!  Phew, this challenge is really catching on with people!

This challenge we are being sponsored by Sassy Studios again - they sponsored us last year for a challenge called Relax, and this year they are sponsoring us for our Get Well challenge!

I love finding out why people do what they do - so here is a little bit about why Lindsay started Sassy Studios...

 I started designing images shortly after I started stamping, reason being...I didn't hardly like anything else out there I was a young adult woman at the time I was engaged, had no kids, I wanted fun sexy images that I would enjoy using and my friends and hubby would enjoy receiving. I designed images for 2 other digi stamp companies when my wonderful hubby kept trying to get me to go out on my own. So in June 2009 thanks to the few faithful followers I had, Sassy Studio Designs was born! It has been a wonderful journey starting my own store. We have just grown so much these past months.I still try to keep Lindsay Dyer: keep with my original philosophy and reason for designing stamps, make them fun and keep them sassy...and yes sometimes even sexy! Lindsay"

They are giving the winner 4 digi images of your choice.

And, a quick heads up.....we have been joined on the team by Catherine Pooler. 

Catherine will be doing some video tutorials for us so why not pop over to Aud Sentiments (link in the sidebar) and check out her first one for us!

 Oh - nearly forgot - there's my card!  Just thought it would be good to have a male get well card!

Have a great day, thanks for popping over and why not have a go at this challenge!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Just a rules!

Have seen this sort of thing around and kept smiling at it... so thought I would knock one together quickly!  The corner is available over at Delicious Doodles (link in sidebar!), I just mirrored it vertically and horizontally to get the matching corner.

Kind of have a hankering to hang it on the back of our bathroom know, light reading whilst otherwise....ermmmm occupied!!!

Thanks for popping over!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Delicious Doodles - Ruthie's Reminder!

Hee hee - every Sunday over at Delicious Doodles (link in sidebar) I do a quick post to remind people about the current challenge.  Normally, I have already shown my card over here when I do my challenge post - but not this time!  I didnt post a card this week.  Its just been a bit frantic over here - and Teri is so fabby that she really doesnt mind if we skip the odd one or two challenges.  Anyway, this week's challenge is to use Green - for St Patrick's Day!

I did have a card in mind though - and I really wanted to make it!  So here it is!

And of course, a close up on the image!

I really love some of Teri's stuff!  And I love that the darker stuff, and the new steampunk stuff, doesnt need to be used in the "normal" way and that I can "pretty" them up! 

Oh did those pictures of Josh get on there???  Tee hee - he passed his wing chun grading - and is now a green sash!  Phew - he was so nervous!

Thanks for popping by - am hoping to do a bit of blog hopping later on!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Delicious Doodles - Make the card YOU would like to receive!

Ok - I actually suggested this...but when it came to it, I realised I didnt know what sort of card I would like to receive!  Butterfly Brain me, so I never sit still with an idea for long!

After a whole lot of thinking, I realised the card I would really like to get would be one made by my son Josh.  You will know about Josh by now, but in case you don't - he is my little nutter!  As they put it - he is doubly gifted - ADD and "gifted and talented" - so brilliant fun to have around.  Caring, loving - sticks up for his friends (even to the point of getting himself in trouble!) - and very funny!  BUT he doesnt do crafting - you may have seen a previous post where I showed you the painting he did - that was quite an achievement to get him to do that - doesnt DO sitting still either!

Anyway, enough waffle - I did get him to make the card!  From choosing the image - "she is gorgeous" - picking the coloured paper - "sunshiney bright, like you" (me!) - and the flower "everyone has to have flowers!". BUT the bit that really made me chuckle is when he insisted on putting the image on wonky (after colouring her with blue lips????) - because "everyone knows that to make it artistic it has to be wonky".....go figure!

Well, if you would like to join in the fun with us this week, why not pop on over to Delicious Doodles Challenges - link in the sidebar!


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Aud Sentiments - Happy Birthday or a Birthday Present

Oooo - how quickly did this come round again?  Time just seems to be flying....and talking about Time Flying...we are so lucky to have My Time Made Easy as our sponsor for this challenge.  If you haven't had a chance to use any of her products you should definitely try them out. She has some freebies on the site. Here is the link.
Here is a little bit about the company...
" My Time Made Easy provides you with the basics for creating your own
coordinating handmade cards, tags, and gift packaging in no time. It is fun,
affordable, and we made it easier than ever! I have always said that it
really is all about the TOTAL package. Now you can afford to create and
dress up the simplest of gifts on your own, and make them appear to be that
much more special. Nothing says love like something handmade."

For this challenge we would like to see Birthday cards, gift packaging or gifts.  Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Pop on over to Aud Sentiments (link in sidebar) to join in!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Oooo I love this Karen's Doodles image!  So cute!  And, I got to use it twice for two different cards!  One of them was for a friend who has just had a baby boy - they are not into the cutsie cutsie images so I thought this would work well.  The other is for another friend who I havent seen in ages!  Just seemed apt.   BUT I couldnt decide which looked better - the wonky image or the straight one!  Pop back on Friday and see what Josh has to say about wonky images!

Not been too well last couple of days so am gonna hop off now and resume my position on the sofa!

Have a great day