Thursday, 31 May 2012

Forgotten card!

Oh hey - I forgot to post this was a card I did for our anything goes challenge over at Aud Sentiments - but life got busy and I just found this waiting to go up!  Seems a waste to not post it!  

Thanks for popping over today - hope you have a lovely day x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jewellery Attempts!

When we went on our crafty weekend we had a little play at jewellery making.  I have been trying to find the time to have a play and finally did! 

If you fancy joining us for our next weekend then the link is on the right hand side 


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Aud Sentiments - Any Sentiment

Gotta just leave these easy ones we are getting lately!  This is our "settling in" challenge - first challenge for our new DT - YAY!  We have such a great team - I just know that I never would have been selected if I had been competing for a place against this lot!

I am trying very hard to improve my colouring at the moment - this image, from DTSarts, took an absolute age to colour in, but I am so chuffed at how it turned out!  

If you get the chance, why not enter our challenge?  And possibly leave some love for our new DT over at AudSentiments?


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crochet bedspread!

Over the Christmas hols, I finally worked out how to crochet.  I then decided I would try and crochet a square....the square grew.  "What are you making?" friends and family asked.  "I dont know", I replied.  
I had this vague idea I would stop when I got bored.  Well, I got bored...and stopped - I now have a double bedspread - or a very nice warm throw blanket - its crazy heavy!

As you can see, I need to wash and block it - gotta find out how to do that now!

Phew - what to do next I wonder?


Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Craft Area!

In the midst of losing my mum, we were changing my crafty area!  It was a bit hectic to say the least!

Lots of pics to come!....

 Teeniest bit embarrassed by this one!  Lol - normally it looked tidier than this!  I also had a large cupboard behind me with crafting stash in it. 

So, take one gorgeous hubby.....add a great big pile of boxes....

 This was the beginning of shifting stuff around....I laughed when I saw this and noticed the plate on the floor...gonna blame the child!

 ...but I guess I need to fess up that the yoghurt pot was mine! As you can see, I literally stopped mid-colouring - hence the copics out of their box! 

 ooo the shame of it - how did I ever get my legs under the table?  I blame the crafty weekend - I got sooo many goodies!  

We thought we would put up one cupboard and just move stuff into it - then move onto the next cupboard...
Man at Work!

Work in progress....

This was day two....notice the different colour tshirt?  ...and more cupboards are up!

 ...little shake to test they stayed up....looking good!  

 First things in the cupboard?....Copics!!!! of stuff to go in cupboard! 

 Then we discovered our slight hitch - no not the one where Tony had to take off the socket because its an oldish house and they are surface mounted (they stick out!)....No, not the one where we discovered the radiator, which is under the table, didnt fit so we had to cut a chunk out the back of the cupboard....

This particular hitch was the lack of two cupboard doors! 

 Got the doors - then started loading the cupboards!...

Needed somewhere for my inspirations pics - these are things Josh has made and also cards other crafters have sent me.  Aspirational!

All doors present and correct!

STUFF!  These are my beads and stuff!

Yeah - more!

Lol - not a picture of the lizard!  More a picture of the cutting machines - behind the eclips is my ecraft!  Need to find a home for these - Gwim Weaper (the lizard) gets a bit puzzled by the noise!

Just about done now!  My room looks alot tidier now - in fact, its even tidier since this pic was taken.  YAY!

Yep - theres my little inspiration gallery x

Well, hopefully, now that Mum's funeral is done (terribly sad, but went well), I can get to do some crafting soon.  The girls from Aud Sentiments have been fabulous whilst I have been away - hugs to you all - and thanks to my lovely crafty mates who have sent me messages and love.  

Ruthie x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hiya all

I know its been very quiet over here - it will be for a little while yet too.  My mum passed away last Wednesday.  As you can imagine, we are all devastated!  I just wanted to pop on and say I havent disappeared and normal service will be resumed later - it has to, mum always loved to watch me colour x