Saturday, 13 February 2010

Graze Boxes

OK - I am not selling these - thats the first thing to make clear!!  Someone asked me on my last post where I got these from so I thought I would post the details properly here! 

The boxes come from a UK company who post out dried fruit and nuts in THOSE boxes.  We have them weekly, but some people have them daily etc.  We just have them as a nice weekend treat.  The boxes we have cost £2.99 (I think!) and contain an assortment each week - we dont know what will be in them so its a nice surprise (of course you could open the notification email they send you and find out!).  This week we had a choc and nut mix, olives in a citrus marinade (these two were in the bigger compartments), pecan nuts and raisins infused with orange juice....mmmmmm .... in the two smaller compartments.  When you go to the website you go through a list of things and say whether you want to "bin it", "try it", "like it" or "love it" and that helps them decide what to put in your box. 

I REALLY am not getting anything for this!  I have some codes for free boxes if you would like - if you use them I get £1 off my next box (see, how up front I am?) - and there is no committment to continue to order.  I got a voucher from a friend who raved about them and have had 8 delivered so far and love them. 

Ok was gonna type more, but then thought I really WOULD look like I was selling them!  The code for a free box is YB2B348.  And the website is here

In the interest of more information - I saw an advert on tv the other night for the Quit Smoking pack and that looked like they were using the same type of box - so if you want the box without paying for the yummies .... either use the code above (LOLZ) or give up smoking! 



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Angela said...

Thanks for this post!! I have signed up for a try as they look yummy, although I do have a huge bin it list!!
I had come for a snoop around after your candy post over on RAK blog, thank you!!
Angela x

I will be a regular visitor as you have some lovely stuff here & I will link back to you if I get the box altered!!