Sunday, 25 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Quick rustle up!

Isnt there always someone you forget????  We had a visit over from some new neighbours yesterday, and they brought a box of chocolates -eeeeek!  So - a quick rustle up this morning and we have a little something for their children.  Phew!

The test-tubes are plastic ones from ebay and they are filled with mini smarties (which are now natural colours, so no bright reds!).  They were hanging from our tree as decorations!  Hey, ho - still have another 8 of them!

I cut the template with my ecraft (of course) and the gems and ribbon are from my "Crafty Weekend" goody bag!



Thursday, 22 December 2011

Storage Jar snowflaked!

My husband took Joshua gift shopping the other day.  Josh picked up a jar of Liquorish Allsorts for Nanny, but they were £12!  Josh has a budget of £5 each present, so this was waaaay out of his pocket.  So, they carried on and then Tony spotted some acrylic storage jars.  He bought two packs of Allsorts and the jar with the idea that I would "do something" to them.  Of course, out comes the ecraft!  

So - here is the first picture of the plain storage jar - looook, you can see my laptop!  

 Here is the jar with snowflakes!  Cut from vinyl, using Lettering Delights snowflakes via Make the Cut and cut on the Ecraft!

 This is the lid - its actually a big pain in the butt to get the pictures!

And here is the final thing, complete with Allsorts! I think she will really love it as she can peel the snowflakes off when Christmas is over and use it as a plain jar. 

Thanks for popping by today - I know people are really busy and probably have little time to blog hop!


Aud Sentiments - DT CALL!!!

Hiya all

For this challenge we are so excited to have Sassy Cheryls as our sponsor. 

We have another gorgeous sentiment from Paulette of TLC. Remember if you use this sentiment for the challenge you get two entries!  Just right click the image to save it.

OK, now onto the challenge. We are doing an "Anything Goes" challenge because it's time for another DT call! If you are interested in joining our team all you have to do is put DT next to your name.

Here are the details about being on the team...
Make a card/project every other week
Comment on the entries (we have a system so you are not required to comment on all of them)
Vote on the winners
Be active in our Yahoo group
That's It!

I chose to use another TLC sentiment.  I have to confess, I was really late getting this done and thats when the TLC sentiments come into their own - they just ARE the card!  Nice and easy!

I cut the notes and treble clef using my ecraft and then used paper candy as embellishments.  Couldnt be easier - yes, its not the best looking card, but its kinda ok!

Thanks for popping by today and make sure you hop on over to Auds


Friday, 9 December 2011

Delicious Doodles - Christmas Embellishments

OOOO  - a nightmare challenge for me this one!  I am not good at all at sticking "things" on!  Hey ho, I had a go -and isnt that the main thing about challenges...accepting the challenge!

Ok thats it folks!  I need to go and lie down in a dark room now!

Go on, treat yourselves, go and see the "proper stuff" over at Delicious Doodles!!!  


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Little Christmas Wreath

I keep seeing this sort of thing around and thought I would have a go.  Not overpleased with it - but dont hate it!  

I made the paper rosettes. The flowers, little gold berries and white snowflakey stuff (love the technical term?) are all from my crafty weekend goody bag!   

The wreath is only about 6 inches wide, so its not big.  Small enough for our fireplace x

I think its a little plain - anyone got any good suggestions?  Do I add some more rosettes in the gaps (perhaps in a lighter colour?)? 

Have just added a middle bit in....better/worse?

Thanks for popping by!


Aud Sentiments - Christmas

Hiya all

Thats it - I have officially caught the Christmas Spirit!  YAY! I had to wait until the Christmas Tree went up - but the second it!  

Our challenge over at Aud Sentiments is to use a winter holiday sentiment.  So that would include Christmas, Hannukah....erm, yeah....and.......erm, anything else you can think of!!!!

For this challenge we are so excited to have Prairie Fairy as our sponsor. They are giving the winner a $15 Gift Certificate to their store. They gave us some digis to play with - I am going to be using one later on, but for the actual challenge I have gone with the free sentiment from Paulette of TLC She is giving a prize away to one lucky randomly chosen winner.

Here is the sentiment.....
and, here is my project!  I have to say it was nice and quick - and easy!  But it looks really great on the shelf where we usually put the tissues - such a change to have a decorated box. 

And a close up of the sentiment....

And thats me done for today - gotta rush off now, but I look forward to seeing all your entries!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Felting Fun!

You know when you have a fancy to do something?  How much better is it when you actually have the stuff you need waiting around at home - instant gratification!

Here is what I wanted to do....needle felting figures.  Yeah, I know, it could have been waaaay more exciting, but thats just me!

This is Fred the penguin!  There is no sewing on this - its all just needle felted together - lots of fun and quick results too!

This is Bob - the alien!  Ha ha ha - he makes me smile!  Love the wonky eye!

And this is Fred the penguin, fresh from the shower with his towel wrapped round him!  Yeah, ok, its no different to the first one - but I am sure he has a definite funny look on his face in this photo!!!

Thanks for popping by


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Team Christmas Presents

I have a great team at work, in libraries.  They go out and do all the visits and promotion for us - and they are really lovely people - and boy, they work so hard!

I always want to buy them a little something, but it has to be the same sort of thing for each of them (no favourites) and it cant be too expensive (there are seven of them).  So I thought I would do the same as I did last year and just buy sweeties.  I decided to pretty up the tops and this is what the finished one looks like:

 The image is from Bugaboo - so cute!  I added sakura glitter pen to the beak, bells, belt and antlers.  I then covered the beak and bells with crystal effects, love how they look.  And finally, a little glitter!

These have to stay in a bag under my stairs, so I am not going to stick the rest of the toppers on until the day, that way I dont run the risk of them getting ripped or scrunched.

Hope everyone is feeling in the Christmas Spirit!  

Thanks for stopping by - Rx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recycled tshirts - into a messenger bag! ....and a new tshirt!

Josh has just got to the point where he is outgrowing a lot of tshirts that he really likes.  So we sorted through, grabbed out all the ones that dont fit, but have fabby images on the front and I hit the internet.

So, the first plan was to cut an image off the front of one tshirt, then sew it onto the front of one that fits.  This was just as easy as it sounds - I heatbonded it first, just to make sure it didnt stretch as I was sewing it.  

Then I offered to make a Josh a messenger bag for school - I mean, its just one long strip, folded and sewn, add a handle...job done!  Yeah, right!

It took a bit more working out than I thought it would, so I dragged in hubby to give me a hand and together we worked it out.  

And here are the results....

The tshirt he is wearing is the one I put the image onto.  
Image of Josh removed

And the bag!  To stiffen the fabric and take some of the stretch out of it, I heatbonded the front and back of the tshirt together. 

I used the sleeve to make a pad for the handle.  And it took two tshirts in total.  This is the view with the flap up

And, yet another view!

I'm really pleased with how it came out (and the tshirt!), not sure I will be making another one anytime soon!

Next on the list is a throw made out of the rest of the tshirts!  I am thinking it will be easy, but then I thought the bag would be easy too!

Thanks for popping by

Friday, 25 November 2011

Delicious Doodles - Hairy Legs

Teri is a really good DT boss, cos she asks for input from everyone - so we all get to contribute ideas for challenges etc.  

Well, the list was in the sidebar and I added a suggestion or two - and then I looked down at my legs and .....ermmm, yeah...they were HAIRY!  The challenge was born!  My legs are now perfectly smooth I hasten to add!  

So, we decided to use the title for the challenge and interpret it as anything with Hairy Legs - so that could be animals, spiders, MEN!

I chose this image, which I have printed off before but never used - I loved it the first time I saw it!

The flourish was yet another goody from our Crafty Weekend bag - did I mention we got lots?  AND, I made the glittery background paper using a glitter spray I already had and then adding a new one that I the goody bag!  

I took another shot to try and show the glittery paper!

Well, why not pop over and join in our Hairy Legs challenge?  


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Aud Sentiments - Anything Holiday!

We had some seriously fabby entries last time, it was great looking at them all.  

This time the theme is any winter holiday sentiment and we have  Polka Doodles as our sponsor. She is giving the winner The entire Magical Winter CD Set! . She also gave us a couple of images to play with.

We are also having a little play with a new idea - Paulette at Create With TLC. is giving everyone a sentiment to play with each challenge, makes it much easier to join in methinks! You dont have to use it, its there if you choose to!  
Please stop by her blog and give her a big Thank You for joining us in our challenges and making such beautiful sentiments. She also has a many freebies on her blog and a ton for sale in her store.

Here is the sentiment.....
....and here is my DT entry.

I cut the little pyramind box out of a Lettering Delight file on my ecraft.  The image is Polkadoodles and the snowflakes were also cut out on the ecraft.....then glittered to within an inch of their lives!

I coloured the image with copics - am having lots of fun with these still.  I am loving the results I get.

And lots of faux stitching - I pinced the faux blanket stitch technique from Scrappy, one of the other DT girls - her link is in my sidebar!

And thats me done for today,dont think anyone has noticed that I didnt include a sentiment eh? - hope you all have a fabby time!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Now THIS I like!

As you may know, I have an ecraft....and love it!  Its so easy to set up and use.  And it just does what I want it to do - no fussing about!

I was going through some cutting files I have and thought I might cut a decal for my coffee mug I chose a mug thingy!!!!  Doh!  Perhaps I should have put something pretty on there!

'Tis really cool though - I love it!  

Thanks for popping over - I suspect I might be finding LOTS of things to put vinyl on now!  


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mobile Phone Back!

I got up this morning and decided I would have a go at cutting sticky back plastic with my ecraft!

I cut a butterfly from the fundamentals card and it worked well.  Then I decided I would design a "back" for my laptop - then I looked at the size of the laptop and got scared!  Start small, methinks!  SO, I grabbed my phone.

Nice little design later (using flower flourishes from lettering delights) I started to cut it...but I was using scraps of old plastic stuff and I failed miserably - I am pretty certain its because the plastic was old and wrinkly (no one say anything!!!).  Not to be defeated, I decided to cut it from pearl paper and sticky back it in place - not ideal, but there was no way I was gonna wait until I went and bought some more plastic!!! it is!  

OK, it would have looked better in vinyl, but for my first attempt I am sooooo chuffed with it!  Need to get on ebay and order vinyl FAST!!!!  

Things I would change in the final version....cut the vinyl larger and work out where the camera and speaker phone needs to be (just too lazy this time round!) AND make sure I put it on straight!  Mwah ha ha ha!

Thanks for popping by


Friday, 11 November 2011

Delicious Doodles - Remembrance - bad taste post alert!

This post features a card of dubious (at best) taste - please don't view if you are sensitive!  

Ok, here is the tale....I suggested this challenge for Delicious Doodles, I thought it was appropriate because it is Remembrance Day today in the UK. 

Then I got a really bad taste idea in my head, it made me chuckle, but it was bad taste so I dumped it to one side.  

I then checked out the other DT member's wonderful creations and thought that I couldnt possibly add another poppy to the mix - so I went to the bad taste option again!  It still made me chuckle!  So, I thought I would make it - but not onto an ACTUAL card, just onto a blank front - I mean, there is no way I would send this to anyone, but (and sorry for this) it still makes me chuckle!

So here it is.....

....and let us never speak of it again!

Now, pop on over to Delicious Doodles and go look at all the really fabby stuff over there!


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Aud Sentiments - Thank You!

We are having a couple of changes over at Aud Sentiments, dont worry, they are more for the DT than any challengees!  As you know, the challenge runs fortnightly, but we thought it would be fun to get the inspiration flowing weekly!  No, we are not running more challenges, but we have split into two teams - I am team A, so I post this week.  Next week, Team B will post their "takes" on the challenge.  So we will still be doing the same challenge, but just giving you inspiration in smaller doses! 

The challenge this time is to make a Thank You or Thanksgiving card/project.  For this challenge we are so excited to have Wee Stamps as our sponsor. Sylvia creates the most beautiful images! If you haven't seen her work you must have a look!
They are giving the winner 3 digis of their choice!.....and Sylvia also gave the DT some images to play with...they are so cute!

I used my little fairy image to decorate this wee notebook.  Its one of the really tiny ones so it put my colouring skills to the test!  I coloured it with my promarkers (I did it a while ago!) and am really pleased with how delicate it looks.  I also used Sakura Tiara pens to add little glittery touches - which you really cant see in this photo!  

Cant see it in this picture either!!!!

Ok, thats me done for today!  Please pop over to Aud Sentiments and take a peek at the other girlies work - some really fabby stuff there!