Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Challenge!!!

Woohoo! Audsentiments starts today!  The idea of this challenge blog is that Aud sets a sentiment and we all get to do what we want with it!

Aud has worked really hard at getting our first few sponsors set up (and is still on the lookout for more..hint hint!) - and our very first sponsors are........

Are you ready for the sentiment......drum roll etc etc......toot toot (that was the trumpets sounding their fanfare!)....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Now - for most of the world that's just great timing - however, we in UK like to get a jump on people and we already had ours back in March!   SO - how about this for getting a jump on my year, I have done my little card ready for NEXT year!

So without further ado......

Yay - Bee Crafty have been ultra generous and offered us DT the chance to pick an image from their collection.  There were so many really apt images so I thought I would explain why I chose the image that I did - its not a traditional Mother's Day type image!  I am adopted so this image spoke to me of a non-biological "mum" looking on anxiously as her children learn to fly!

I ever so slightly cropped the image (there was another bird on the branch) to make it fit on my card properly!  You can't see it very well, but the background of the image is actually a little sparkly in the blue chalk.

I would soooo love to know why I just can't get all these photos to line up on the blog where I want them to!

Above is the close up of the "bag" and then below is the all important sentiment - you must include this sentiment on your creations to join in the challenge!  I so hope you will join us on this first challenge and really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Thanks for looking


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Doodle Palace Special Delivery

Phew - it seems like ages since I had anything to post!  Have been busy crafting but just havent been able to put anything up because its DT stuff!

OK - here is the latest image from Doodle Palace - Dee and Robin said that the "G-Mail" image has been so popular that they just had to bring that cheeky giraffe out to play again!....So here he is.....

Thanks for looking  

Thursday, 22 April 2010

'ickle plea to book lovers!

In case you weren't aware....when I am not crafting, being mum to Josh and wife to Tony,  I also work for a fab library service in London - Havering to be exact!  I am the reader development manager - this means I get to spend my days with a team of people who all try and encourage people to love books and use our libraries!  Its just the best job in the world (well, for me it is!). 

ANYWAY.....we have a facebook page called Havering Reading Group - there is a link in my sidebar - and there is a bit of a competition with our twitter page!  They have over 200 followers - and we have just over 100 - soooooooooooo, I was wondering, if you enjoy books etc etc and have facebook (or have been meaning to sign up for ages!) if you would go and join our reading group.  Its very casual - people generally pop up posts about what they have read recently! 

So, if you have read a good book, or want to read a good book - or just want to help me get more members - tee hee - then would you please pop over and start following us!

thanks for looking


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just inspirational!

Oh my word!  I follow alot of blogs and don't get the chance to leave as many comments as I would like but I try to when I can!  Some days I dont have chance to check all the blogs and just kinda skip through the list.  Well Christy has a blog that I will definitely not be missing anymore!

Christy is doing a challenge not to buy a single thing for a year - not even sticky dots! She has put photos up on her blog of her stash - and it is scary!  Actually showed it to hubby last night and said "see, you think I have alot of stuff" - he then replied.....wait for it......"I dont think you have alot!".....have you ever heard a clearer invitation to go and buy some more STUFF! 

Anyway, please go and cheer Christy on - she is also doing a fabby draw at the end of the year if she gets 100 followers but thats not why I am posting this - its just that I am fascinated that she is documenting what she is doing!


Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Oh My - the first challenge starts on 29th April!  That's a Thursday - ok, yes, you could have worked that one out, but hey, I saved you the bother!

We have a great DT - if you click on the badge on my sidebar then you can just pop over there and check out who they are...then, you could just click on their names and check out their work - You will be blown away!

I actually just stopped by here to schedule my post for the launch - but got kinda distracted....AGAIN!


Friday, 16 April 2010

This is a cute little box which is the challenge on Double Dutch - it was to make the box and decorate it.  Now, I know my box won't be as fancy as some of the ones on there, but I kind of liked the image, loved the sentiment and really didnt see the need to add anything else to it!  Actually, I did, but realised that I couldn't add eyelets once I had put the box together!!!  Also discovered how difficult it is to colour an image once its on a box!  Sometimes I wonder how I get along in everyday life!
I would also like to link my lil box up with Pixie Dust's Green challenge - this is to celebrate their rather fabby new release of....peas!!!  You just have to go and peak! 

Thanks for looking - can't wait for Audsentiments challenge to start in a coupla weeks!  We have some rather fabby sponsors lined up so keep an eye out for the fun!


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Index cards again!

Here we go again - another of those Tesco goodie index cards thingies!  These take such little effort to make look nice!

Because it's a notebook, I have deliberately kept embellishments to the minimum as I don't want them getting knocked off!

I would like to enter this into Kaboodle's Challenge which was to use a digi girl!
Also Crafty Angels wanted to see your fave things - well these index cards just have to be a new fave of mine - and also having some peace and quite like the lady in this image!
And finally, Practical Scrappers wanted to see some glitter and bling!

Thanks for looking and dont forget my image swap - check it out here


Monday, 12 April 2010

New challenge blog - DT!

OK - I wasn't actively looking for another DT position...there are a couple of places that I would love to go for if they came up because I adore their images, but other than that I am quite happy with being a Doodle Palace Princess (because I love their images) and limiting myself to that!  Then I saw that one of the other Princesses (Audrey) had started her own challenge blog focussing on sentiments.  This was just too good to miss as I love Audrey's work and its just such a different focus for a challenge blog.  I am also, not that good at putting sentiments on my cards...just take a look!  S'funny that!  SO - thought I might apply - and Audrey said yes!  So chuffed!

So - watch this space for the first of the challenges at the end of April!  Here is the link for Audsentiments!
We have a sponsor already!

thanks for looking - back tomorrow with my sneaky peak for Doodle Palace!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm back!

Oh Wow!  Cyprus was lovely - but windy for a couple of days but, other than that, glorious sunshine.  We were in the pool each day (brrrrrrr!) and had a blast - really nice to relax and not think about work for a change! 

OK - got to go and do my Doodle Palace card - will be a nightmare I think as I need to get to my crafting stuff around all the "stuff" out of Josh's room - we had it decorated while we were away and still havent got wardrobes and cupboards sorted yet so his stuff is EVERYWHERE!  Hmmmm - well, will try my best - the images are wonderful, as usual, and I know just what I want to do with them!

First, I have to get some more washing done though - so much of it!  Glad I am not back to work until tomorrow!  Ooooo and have to go and put some ingredients in the bread maker as we have no bread either!  Yes - I COULD run to Tesco, but Josh is swimming with a friend so am not sure when he will get back - and it will give me a shove to get the breadmaker out again!

Ooooo AND - I came home to find I had won Dawn's candy too!  How cool is that???