Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sneak Peeks and CANDY to come!!!!

Just how cute is this?  Its one of the latest releases from Doodle Palace.  I blew it up quite large to really make an impact on the box - as you can see, they blow up big!  You cant see in this pic, but the girly bear has gems on her dress and shoes.  The heart in the middle is made of sequins - the original stamp has a heart with LOVE on it - so cute!  You know, I loved the rose best - just thought it was lovely! 
And this is the contents of the box - it was a family Valentines pressy!  To us!
And this little cutie is Chester Bunny!  How fab is he?  The more I look at him, the more I like him!  He actually comes sitting on a tree trunk but I did my usual thing of cutting up the stamp!  LOLX
The box was from a Kay & Co box set thingy.  These make up wonderfully.
And another view of the box - just thought it would make a more refined Easter munchies box - will fill it with mini eggs....mmmmmm wonder who would like this???

Hmmmmm - have been wanting to post up some candy.....think we are at that time....see the next post!

Just a reminder though....images available at Doodle Palace

Thanks for looking



craft_princess said...

Super job...these gifts are so cute!

Kellylouj said...

Fab creations xx