Saturday, 27 March 2010

Off on my Hols!

Yay - tomorrow we fly out to Cyprus - we are going for a week so will be back next Monday morning.  Will miss everyone heap loads here - but hey, gotta go do these things, no matter how painful they are!!!  LOLS

Hope everyone keeps well and has a great Easter!


Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring/Easter Card

Sometimes it can be so hard crafting with a sproglet around!  I started this while Josh was doing his maths thingy on the computer - I finished it much later when he had gone swimming with a friend!  Bless!

I tried taking quite a few pics of this because I wanted you to be able to see the ribbon under the punched out border!  Just little things like that make me happy!

Ok - gonna enter this for a few challenges - its actually for an Easter swap so really hoping the intended lady doesnt spot it here first!

Fab 'n' Funky wanted to see "Its all New!" - well eggs, spring etc qualify for that - the image is new - a freebie from .....eeeek ...all I can remember is its called Patches!!! Please post if you remember and I will update!  Oh and also because I have never stuck ribbon behind a punch!  Yes, I know, lots of you probably do it - but its a first for me!

Cute Daisy May thought that Anything goes!  Well , this is anything - and tomorrow it goes -in the post to the swap recipient!

Paper Popsicles - well they wanted a straight forward Easter theme - hmmmmm - do ya think it'll pass???

Pile it on wanted Pastel colours - tick, got that one!

Pink Elephant wanted to see Spring Cards - BOING!!!

OOOO thinking of Spring - dont forget, if Spring is making you feel all positive and energetic (Yeah Right!) - then look at the next post down and add your Spring Resolutions!

Thanks for looking


Spring Resolutions?

With the weather warming up beautifully (well, I hope it is for you too!) - people seem to be getting a lot more positive!  How about we all post our committments here - and then come back each month and update on how we are doing - with pics if that seems right!

SO - I have seen one person joining in with the 365 cards challenge (GO GINNY!) and someone else has committed to reducing her crafting items to just 100 things (YAY DEBBIE!)!!!  Go girls!  So - I think we should do a bit of cheerleading on here for them both - and also post our committments (crafting or not, its up to you!).

Here I go - I will NOT spend anything else on crafting stuff until the end of next month (thats the end of April!) - yes, I know that doesnt sound very impressive - but I dont REALLY have that much stash - no honest!  Well, I suppose its all relative - I mean, my hubby would think I have an AWFUL LOT! 

I am also going to have a good old tidy up in the house this weekend - AND - yep there is more!!  AND.....I am going to have a big blitz at work today!

You can see that some of my resolutions are short term - work today and the house.  And then there is a slightly longer term resolution - not spending.

So come on, jump right in and join the fun!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok - you see that bear below???  Well I got an email yesterday to say that there is a small delay in releasing the new Doodle Palace images - yay Holidays and stuff!  But did I take the post down?  No - cos it was scheduled to appear at some awful time in the morning and it didnt occur to me to take it down!  So of course, I get up this morning - check my comments to be moderated and there is a lovely one referring to the bear....what bear?....I think ......oh THAT BEAR!!!  Now, I am in a quandry - do I remove the post?  But it will already be out there, showing up on people's feeds etc.  So....I decided to just write a post entitled Oooops!!!  ..... the images will be out next Wednesday - not tomorrow!

dopily yours!


Doodle Palace sneaky peaky!

A much better attempt this week!  LOL!

The second I opened this image I loved it - gonna use this one again I know!  Think how many things I can use it for - Get Well, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Easter, Valentines, Kids Cards....eeeeeeeee!  Its one of those "shove it on anything" images!

These index cards were from Tesco (sorry if you dont have one!) and I got 3 sets of them for £1 - oh yes!

This was also my first attempt at attaching a gromlet!  And you may notice that its wonky!  Ha ha - the image was going to be put on straight, but once the gromlet went wonky....well I thought the wonky image may detract from the wonky gromlet!

Other bits and bobs - coloured with promarkers, used sakura glaze on the flowers, and paper and card from stash.

This one is going for my desk - if I can get it there before my mum sees it!

Josh has already asked me to make one of these for him - with a funny animal photo on it!

Go pop over to Doodle Palace - check out the other Princesses and what they have done with the images!

thanks for looking!


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Karen's Doodles Challenge

I DO have a soft-spot for Karen's stuff!  I dont think that there are any of them that I dont like!  Which, I am sure you will agree, is very rare - even if you love all the Magnolias, I am sure there are one or two that you dont like as much as the others!

Anyway - this is my entry into the new Karen's Doodles Challenge Blog - and the theme is Anything Goes!

I had to post this second pic to show the card shape - yep another playtime project!

Hmmm - couple more challenges - go and check them out!
Things with wings - over on Magical Crafts
And also things with wings over at Totally Papercrafts
Pastel colours - over on Pile it on
Picture inspiration over at Dutch Dare Challenges
CAS - Treehouse wanted clean and simple - well cant get simpler than me!!!

It was so easy - but I really like how it turned out!

Thanks for looking


Winner of candy!!!

Gosh - it seems to have taken forever for this to come around!!! 

So, couldnt work out how to select it other than to put all the numbers in a bowl and pull one out!.....I got Josh to pull it, but he wouldnt be photographed with it - having a bit of a bad hair day I guess!

Anyway....the winner is number 25 - Charity Crafter!  Congratulations! 

So, would you contact me please - gedalovitch at googlemail dot com - you know how to do it!!! - let me have your address and I will get it in the post to you by Wednesday at the latest!

Could I just add, that its been so great to have so many lovely people popping over and leaving kind messages - I feel like I have made some great new friends - and although I know some people will just naturally drop away - I feel that some will stay and become even greater friends.

Thanks to you all


Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mother's Day Card

OK - by my standards, this is not last minute!  A colleague of mine at work would be having kittens by now!  It is just so funny the way we are all so different - I really love it, and giggle about it often.

So, the lovely LOTV stamp, flowers from a candy - there is another one on the other side (you can just see the leaf peeking over the top!)...matching bling on the other side too!  Ok, you get the idea.

My take on a tri-fold, bit of a faff as I wanted the zigzags to meet in the middle perfectly.  And they do!  Really like how the bear came out - showed it to Josh and he couldnt see the shading at all - that made me giggle.

Have prepped his card for me - he left his old school half way through making it and lost the bits on the way home!  He was quite upset and really doesnt DO crafting so I redid the bits he had lost and he will be finishing the card this afternoon.  I will show it tomorrow!  I hope!

We have been told by his new school that they think he is ADD - we have suspected this for years - even asked his old school if we should get him no they said!  He is just lively and has poor concentration!  He IS a smart kiddie so we have always put it down to this BUT now they think he might be ADD - feel like we have been through the mill a bit this week - first a new school, then gallstones, then ADD - phew!  Onwards and upwards as they say!

OK - now, lets see if the cats have thrown up anywhere after eating the hamster! No, they havent eaten the hamster - but with my week.......I will just pop up and check!......

Thanks for looking


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Is this bad????

Ok - so yesterday, I pootled off for a scan - abdominal cramps etc etc.  And lovely radiographer lady told me I had gallstones - lots of them!  Might have to have gallbladder removed etc etc.  SO - home I come and google gets to work....yep, looks likely.....simple op...keyhole....etc .....3 weeks off work.....hang on, what was that?  3 weeks off work!

And what did I think?  Ooooooooo loads of crafting time!  Is that bad?  Not the gallstones, silly - the fact that my first thought was how much crafting time I might get?

And - if they cant do it keyhole then they have to open me up....6 weeks!  Actually, I really do love my job, so would be sad to not be there for 6 weeks!  But 3 weeks sounds cool!  Well, maybe not 3 weeks - I mean, surely I can drive after 2?  And I could work from home....1 week sounds like a good amount of crafting time!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My first ever blog award!

So - I have been sitting here feeling lonely and unloved - just waiting (not very patiently!) for someone to give me a blog award!  Hmmmmmm?  Oh ok - seriously....ala Oscars....

sniffle, whimper - "Oh my gosh, I cant believe I won!  I am SO not worthy of this fabulous award.  I'd like to thank Penlight for giving it to me - and Pickles and Popcorn, my cats for not walking on the keyboard while I am trying to type this....."  loud whisper...."cats, hear that?  I am thanking you - so no more mind control with the cat treats ok?  ----- ok, yes, just a few, when I am done here.....or now, yes now is good...."

This is my award!  YAY!  OK - now I have to follow the rules - otherwise someone might come along and take it back again!

SO - hang on....just gotta pop back to Pen's blog here and check the rules! 
Right - I am back!
The rules:  Write 10 things about yourself others might not know and pass the award on to 10 others. 

1.  I am a librarian - love my job - have so much fun - yep, working in libraries can be heaps of fun!
2.  I am married to fabby Tony - and we have one son called Joshua!  Yes, it was our choice to have one and we are quite happy with the situation - and no, we are not selfish to only have one!
3.  I have one brother called Mark who is a seriously fabby hairdresser - has done lots of stuff in lots of countries and is just so cool.  He runs Toni & Guy Salon in Canary Wharf if anyone is passing!
4.  I live in Hornchurch outside of London - our postal address is Essex but we live in a London Borough!  
5.  Think everyone knows most of this stuff already....but we have lots of animals - two cats, Popcorn and Pickles (had to reverse the names so they didnt get jealous!), a gerbil called Mr Gerbil (we had Mrs Gerbil too!), a hamster (called Da Beast! - cos she is so cute and fluffy), a lizard called Gwim Weaper (he was scared of his cwickets when we first had him!), 3 guinea pigs - Darth Piggy, Yoda Pig and Gramarian Guinea (Josh was very into StarWars when we got them!) and assorted fish!
6.  I take on other people's accents without realising - this can be either very annoying, very pretentious or actually quite useful when you are trying to establish common ground with someone.
7.  I am very underconfident - ok, no one who knows me will believe that!  
8.  I am a libran - oooo can be funny trying to argue anything with me - I can see the other person's side so completely that I will often take over their argument and they end up arguing against their original stand!
9.  I am not that smart - lots of people think I am - but I just know how to find stuff out - I dont know lots of stuff straight off - now Josh and Tony - THEY ARE SMART!
10.  I hate to lose at games and stuff and I allow myself to take criticism too much to heart!  BUT I would do anything to avoid upsetting or hurting anyone - so please love me!

Hmmmm now need to find 10 people to hand this onto.

I am going to go for some people who made me so welcome when I first started blogging - 

Dawny P 
Kath - and Buddy!

I have put these people in order of their latest updates on my blog - not in preference order!  See, really dont want to upset anyone!!!

Sorry, what's that Popcorn?....oh ok....Popcorn said she would like to personally give the blog award to LEAH because Leah likes Popcorn's name!!!! 

Phew - gotta go and leave notes on all these blogs now! And give the cats some cat, I havent given them any yet!......well thats what they are telling me!

thanks so much Pen!!!


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Just for Fun!

Hmmm - just scheduled a post for my DT assignment for Doodle Palace - it is really quite poor (have to admit it!) - then realised that I had this card that I hadnt posted up (and its a darn sight better than the one which is scheduled!).  SO here it is! -

The two little clips are part of the card - just in case you thought they were left there by mistake!

And here is the card with the clips off!  I did this for a Birthday Rak so hope the person who is receiving this doesnt see it here first!  I actually really like how this came out - or is that because I have just scheduled the post with the awful card???

Hee hee - well, bet you cant wait to see THAT post can you?  Have scheduled it for Tuesday - so feel free to pop over and have a giggle!

OOO have just seen the plea for more entries over on Simon Says - so consider this entered!

Thanks for looking


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Your Next Stamp Guest Starlet!

A couple of weeks ago, I guessed that YNS were going to be producing in purple rubber.  My prize was to win Fhionna's pets and yummy things set - and some YNS $!!!  I kinda was a bit cheeky and asked Karen if I could join in with one of their challenges and she said YES!  Between us, I think she was shocked by my cheek!

So, the challenge was to produce an item with a BIG BOW on it - I really think I got that one right!  It is an awfully BIG Bow!!!

So, check out the sidebar for the link to their blog hop and enjoy the fun!

Thanks for looking!

Ruthie x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bunny Box

I do like this bunny!  He has some eggs left, think he is saving them for ME!  This is the latest release from Doodle Palace and I shrank it down quite tiny - so it was quite a feat to colour the eggs and the flourishes on the door!

As you can see, I put the pic on a plastic box - my hubby brings these home from work, they have business cards in them when they are full!  As you can imagine, they are small - the lid is only 6x9cm.
Hmmmmm - and filled with eggs and chicks....fabulous!

If you would like to pop over and buy this image...then go to Doodle Palace

Thanks for looking!