Wednesday, 3 February 2010

DT offering number 3 - last for this week! Second post today!

And here are the other sunflowers in the vase (as opposed to in the pot -see earlier post).  Now, kinda need to explain this one a little.  I have put the pic and notebook onto a little box that I get delivered every week filled with nuts, dried fruit etc - they are only a few pound and we look forward to them on a Saturday morning - lovely surprise to see what is in them!  So, I have about 6 of these boxes kicking around...well one of them is on its way to USA with some cards for a swap....and one is used for my paper scraps....and then there is this one.
And inside!  Mine were scrunched up in various places and I just rarely got round to digging them out and using them.  I now have a few more in there - I dug deeper into the back of the cupboard!  I didnt want to put any on the top of the box as I didnt want them falling off and being a pain!  So, I put a notebook on there for my challenges - and my DT work!!!!!  Hee hee - cant believe I am saying that!  For the notebook, I printed a plain image and then just glued it to the first notebook page - the yellow is the plastic yellow top to the pad.  Gotta say, this image was a breeze to colour in - just so easy to make it look decent!

Can also enter this into the Pixie Dust Challenge over here - they are asking for 3D items!

Thanks for looking - as ever, images over at Doodle Palace.   Rx


Kellylouj said...

Love what you have done with the image, looks fab xx

craft_princess said...

Very clever ideas!

Julia Dunnit said...

I have a couple of Graze boxes waiting tobe re-purposed..too nice to simply chuck in the recycle bin! It'snever too late for WOYWW - if you get a chance to add your work surface, let us know!!