Sunday, 2 January 2011

Delicious Doodles - fabby box - and a video!

I have no idea what you would call this box!  Its an all-in-one sort of affair!

 I have tried to show what it does in the photos!  .....and failed miserably!

 This is what happens to the top of the box as you lift the "lid"!  So the lift never really comes off, the aperture widens so that you can put things in and take things out of the box!

I got the pattern etc from Splitcoast Stampers!

But I thought that the best way to explain was to show it in action!  Excuse the sideways camera - but I didnt think I would get a retake out of my "demonstrator"!


misteejay said...

This looks interesting - are they hard to make?

Toni :o)

Teri said...

Box is fabulous hun! Great idea.
Quick note - the video isn't up on here, and it wasn't on the blog either, but I copied it across for you over there. Hopefully it is working there now.
Teri x

misteejay said...

Thank you for posting the link...will have a play when I have a monent or two.

Toni :o)

Happy Days said...

Cool box, thanks for the link. x

Julye said...

Hi Ruthie, fab little box so cute. Thanks for your comment you left about the embossing on my LOTV thankyou card, I'm intrigued to know is your embossing board that you will use with your bigshot one of the thick plastic ones please and if so how do you use it in your big shot as it would save all the hard worl , please do tell. Thanks Julye

Cheryl said...

Cool box! Love the glitter stripe.