Monday, 21 June 2010

Little something for the dinner lady!

We went to buy Josh's school dinner tickets this morning and he told me that the lovely lunch lady, who has made him soooo welcome in his new school, had a birthday last week (or possibly the week before!  LOL).

When Josh joined this school, he came from an independent (private) school which had 8 children in a year.  He was very much a big fish in a small pond!  He was constantly getting dmerits because he would chat and giggle (challenging authority was what it was called) - although his class teacher didnt have a problem with him!  Very long story cut short....we decided to move him - within a week at his new school we were asked to go and get him checked for ADD.  Despite us having asked the original school loads of times if this was a possibility!  I have since had parents come and say that they felt that Josh was being picked on by certain teachers.

Although Josh was said to be "challenging authority", all the teachers (from the original and current school) have said he was a kind, caring and polite child!

About a week or so after starting the new school, I went into the canteen to buy some lunch tickets and the lady (Lisa) said Hi to Josh, by name!  OK there are 120 children in each year - and 4 years in the school of course, being a mum who doesnt have rose tinted glasses (!!!) I questioned how she knew him by name already...she replied that Josh is one of her quiet ones and is always so polite!

I am so sad about what Josh went through at his old school - the sneaking suspicions I had that Josh was being as "challenging" as they said etc - he is not an angel (what child is?) and I am not naive!  But we now realise that talking in the lunch hall, chatting during choir practice etc are not grounds for suspension (he was threatened with this!!!!) - in the state schools, if you are suspended you are violent or abusive!!!

Wow - thats turned out to be a bit of a long post!

Inside the card are 8 bookmarks - the tag reads "Colour you own disposable bookmarks" and they are just a variety of images printed onto card.

The sentiment reads "Elephants never forget...but we did!"

Think thats about it for now!

Gonna go and hug my boy now!



Juls said...

this is fabulous!! so much fun! I just Love it!! Hugs Juls

Annette Bowes said...

Too Cute Ruthie, what a lovely idea. Oh what it would be like to be a fly on the wall, how very upsetting and frustrating for you, so glad you are on the other side now, take careX:)

Larisa said...

So nice card!!! The colouring is really great! Also I love the papers!!! You are so lucky to have it and to be able to create with it )))
Hugs. Larisa.

theCook said...

I just love those elephants! They are really cute...