Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Resolutions?

With the weather warming up beautifully (well, I hope it is for you too!) - people seem to be getting a lot more positive!  How about we all post our committments here - and then come back each month and update on how we are doing - with pics if that seems right!

SO - I have seen one person joining in with the 365 cards challenge (GO GINNY!) and someone else has committed to reducing her crafting items to just 100 things (YAY DEBBIE!)!!!  Go girls!  So - I think we should do a bit of cheerleading on here for them both - and also post our committments (crafting or not, its up to you!).

Here I go - I will NOT spend anything else on crafting stuff until the end of next month (thats the end of April!) - yes, I know that doesnt sound very impressive - but I dont REALLY have that much stash - no honest!  Well, I suppose its all relative - I mean, my hubby would think I have an AWFUL LOT! 

I am also going to have a good old tidy up in the house this weekend - AND - yep there is more!!  AND.....I am going to have a big blitz at work today!

You can see that some of my resolutions are short term - work today and the house.  And then there is a slightly longer term resolution - not spending.

So come on, jump right in and join the fun!



PenLight said...

Cheer, Cheer, Cheer to you all! I think i'll join the clean up the stash!

my5bratz said...

I've been sorting my stash too, but you can come do my house for for the mention (and a link woulda been

Debbie said...

Yay, Ruthie, thanks for the mention of my 100 Things Challenge!
So far I'm thinking that 200 Things might be a tad more realistic but at least it's inspired me to have a clearout! Good luck with your own challenge - we can cheer each other on!
Debbie x