Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok - you see that bear below???  Well I got an email yesterday to say that there is a small delay in releasing the new Doodle Palace images - yay Holidays and stuff!  But did I take the post down?  No - cos it was scheduled to appear at some awful time in the morning and it didnt occur to me to take it down!  So of course, I get up this morning - check my comments to be moderated and there is a lovely one referring to the bear....what bear?....I think ......oh THAT BEAR!!!  Now, I am in a quandry - do I remove the post?  But it will already be out there, showing up on people's feeds etc.  So....I decided to just write a post entitled Oooops!!!  ..... the images will be out next Wednesday - not tomorrow!

dopily yours!



craft_princess said...

No worries, those things happen!

Carmen said...

LOL! Yeah - I have days like that too! :P

Debbie said...

Hi Ruthie, if you use my free download of June doing the Race for Life would you please link back to me at http://thecraftypadstampdesigns.blogspot.com to show me how you all got on and how you used my image. I would be most interested to hear how you got on for such a great cause. :)

Good Luck


Annette Bowes said...

Hi Ruthie, love your creation, but you do keep getting Tesco's mentioned lol! And I don't have one now! Will be making a wish list lol! I think the gromlet tooks just perfect! Take CareX:)