Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mother's Day Card

OK - by my standards, this is not last minute!  A colleague of mine at work would be having kittens by now!  It is just so funny the way we are all so different - I really love it, and giggle about it often.

So, the lovely LOTV stamp, flowers from a candy - there is another one on the other side (you can just see the leaf peeking over the top!)...matching bling on the other side too!  Ok, you get the idea.

My take on a tri-fold, bit of a faff as I wanted the zigzags to meet in the middle perfectly.  And they do!  Really like how the bear came out - showed it to Josh and he couldnt see the shading at all - that made me giggle.

Have prepped his card for me - he left his old school half way through making it and lost the bits on the way home!  He was quite upset and really doesnt DO crafting so I redid the bits he had lost and he will be finishing the card this afternoon.  I will show it tomorrow!  I hope!

We have been told by his new school that they think he is ADD - we have suspected this for years - even asked his old school if we should get him no they said!  He is just lively and has poor concentration!  He IS a smart kiddie so we have always put it down to this BUT now they think he might be ADD - feel like we have been through the mill a bit this week - first a new school, then gallstones, then ADD - phew!  Onwards and upwards as they say!

OK - now, lets see if the cats have thrown up anywhere after eating the hamster! No, they havent eaten the hamster - but with my week.......I will just pop up and check!......

Thanks for looking



Henriëtte said...

What a lovely stamp


Craftyanny said...

you've had a week and a half Ruth!! Hopefully the new school will get your lad some help and all will be well.
Love your card, the zigzag edge is a lovely touch
Anne x

Myzdamena's World said...

Goodness- what a week! *hugs* xxx

Lovely card!Fandabbidozie! :)

I hope that your mind is soon put at rest re:Josh . It may be- it may not be, but at least you'd *know* if you see what I mean?