Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My first ever blog award!

So - I have been sitting here feeling lonely and unloved - just waiting (not very patiently!) for someone to give me a blog award!  Hmmmmmm?  Oh ok - seriously....ala Oscars....

sniffle, whimper - "Oh my gosh, I cant believe I won!  I am SO not worthy of this fabulous award.  I'd like to thank Penlight for giving it to me - and Pickles and Popcorn, my cats for not walking on the keyboard while I am trying to type this....."  loud whisper...."cats, hear that?  I am thanking you - so no more mind control with the cat treats ok?  ----- ok, yes, just a few, when I am done here.....or now, yes now is good...."

This is my award!  YAY!  OK - now I have to follow the rules - otherwise someone might come along and take it back again!

SO - hang on....just gotta pop back to Pen's blog here and check the rules! 
Right - I am back!
The rules:  Write 10 things about yourself others might not know and pass the award on to 10 others. 

1.  I am a librarian - love my job - have so much fun - yep, working in libraries can be heaps of fun!
2.  I am married to fabby Tony - and we have one son called Joshua!  Yes, it was our choice to have one and we are quite happy with the situation - and no, we are not selfish to only have one!
3.  I have one brother called Mark who is a seriously fabby hairdresser - has done lots of stuff in lots of countries and is just so cool.  He runs Toni & Guy Salon in Canary Wharf if anyone is passing!
4.  I live in Hornchurch outside of London - our postal address is Essex but we live in a London Borough!  
5.  Think everyone knows most of this stuff already....but we have lots of animals - two cats, Popcorn and Pickles (had to reverse the names so they didnt get jealous!), a gerbil called Mr Gerbil (we had Mrs Gerbil too!), a hamster (called Da Beast! - cos she is so cute and fluffy), a lizard called Gwim Weaper (he was scared of his cwickets when we first had him!), 3 guinea pigs - Darth Piggy, Yoda Pig and Gramarian Guinea (Josh was very into StarWars when we got them!) and assorted fish!
6.  I take on other people's accents without realising - this can be either very annoying, very pretentious or actually quite useful when you are trying to establish common ground with someone.
7.  I am very underconfident - ok, no one who knows me will believe that!  
8.  I am a libran - oooo can be funny trying to argue anything with me - I can see the other person's side so completely that I will often take over their argument and they end up arguing against their original stand!
9.  I am not that smart - lots of people think I am - but I just know how to find stuff out - I dont know lots of stuff straight off - now Josh and Tony - THEY ARE SMART!
10.  I hate to lose at games and stuff and I allow myself to take criticism too much to heart!  BUT I would do anything to avoid upsetting or hurting anyone - so please love me!

Hmmmm now need to find 10 people to hand this onto.

I am going to go for some people who made me so welcome when I first started blogging - 

Dawny P 
Kath - and Buddy!

I have put these people in order of their latest updates on my blog - not in preference order!  See, really dont want to upset anyone!!!

Sorry, what's that Popcorn?....oh ok....Popcorn said she would like to personally give the blog award to LEAH because Leah likes Popcorn's name!!!! 

Phew - gotta go and leave notes on all these blogs now! And give the cats some cat treats......no, I havent given them any yet!......well thats what they are telling me!

thanks so much Pen!!!



eiyiyi said...

Thank you Ruthie. I'm honored. As a fellow libran I won't argue about wether or not I deserve it! hugs to you, eileen

Debbi said...

Congrats on your award!! Hope your cats enjoy their treats, too.

Craftyanny said...

awwwwwwwwwww Ruth, thanks so very much for thinking of me:)
Anne x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Darling thank you soooooo much Mwah xxx you are such a sweetie Ruth
Thank you I will blog it with pride tomorrow
Big hugs Susie xx

Myzdamena's World said...

Congrats on your award! :)

Oooh.. so many pets...we only have a dog but i have 2 children so I guess they count ;)


PenLight said...

You are very welcome! We have much in common. It would be so fun to hang out with you, I think we would laugh a lot. Have a wonderful week!