Monday, 30 November 2009

Comes in 3's

Aw - we've had a tough time this last week! 
Last Monday we had to have our pet rat Sidney put down!  He was quite old and had got a chest infection but when they checked him over they found a lump in his kidney!  Twas a bit sad as Josh was with me and he has never been involved in the death of an animal (we have lost a few along the way (lost as in died!) but he has never really seen the going of them).  He was dead upset. 
Then last night we lost our mummy gerbil (yes we have an awful lot of beasties!)...she was really old so it wasnt unexpected.  Unfortunately she normally sleeps in Josh's room - we had to take her out because it was obvious she was dying Josh got upset again!  Bless.
Then, we came in from school tonight and found a dead bird in our hallway - one of the cats had brought it in!  And....Yep, Josh was upset again!  Didnt help that he wanted to bend down and stroke it!

Poor lad - he has been through the wars - all in one week too!  Still, that is the way it goes and the absolutely worst bit about owning animals!  Now we are down to two cats, one lizard, three guinea pigs, a daddy gerbil and some fish! 

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my5bratz said...

poor Josh!!!! what bad timing they all a managerie, tori LOVES guines pigs and gets to pat one whenever they have the animals at school, we are renting here and not allowed pets (even tho we have a