Friday, 13 November 2009

Desk Tidy and "Matchbox" THING

Well ok, so the workshop over at Funky Fairy ended yesterday, but we were given so many projects I think I will be working through them for a long time yet!  LOL

This was the desk tidy - it was really simple and thats just how I kept mine.  I could have decorated it with ribbon to join the individual boxes together and also stand them on a base, but I was just so in love with the paper designs that I left everything plain and just started using it straight away....the boxes are all joined together so it doesnt just fall apart.

And this is my matchbox THING - you know the little drawer thingies using match boxes...well funny thing was that I had tried this the weekend before and made such a hash of it!  We were given instructions on how to make the boxes themselves from scratch and then how to lay them out and sandwich them in chipboard.  Just love it, could have been a bit neater on the finish but its definately something I will use - its gonna be filled with brads, buttons and STUFF in about 15 mins!

Oh well -thanks for stopping by and looking - happy crafting!  rx

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