Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Instead of crafting...

Notice all the yummy candy on the sidebar.....well guess who isnt crafting????  Yep - me!  My mojo has run off - gone - deceased - fatally!  Not sure where it has gone - but have got the dreaded lurgy - Josh is off school too.  Keep trying to blame it on that - but in truth has been a couple of weeks now!  Oh well - sure it will be back soon - I hope anyway.  Meanwhile have dealt with my desire for pretty things by blog hopping and checking out everyone else's yummy things!  Not well - boo hoo - gonna go and take some tablets now! 


eiyiyi said...

Ahhh Ruthie, the last time our mojos were seen they were together in the local bar. I'm not sure but I think mine was probably the instigator. I really, really hope they sober up and come home soon! hugs to you, eileen

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