Sunday, 1 November 2009

Funky Fairy's Workshop

Oh yes - what fun I have had is day one of funky fairy's christmas workshop and we all got our first projects to do.....

the first pic is a little storage folder thingy - its not a great pic as it doesnt show you inside!!! The card was from Tesco!!! It was slightly glossy and good weight - double sided too! The image is Dustin Pike...didnt really know what I was going to use it for but liked it so I coloured know how it goes! I think the original plan was for us to use a vintage Christmas photo on it and do it as a Christmas design but hey! I am going to use it to store my images that are coloured or waiting to be coloured.

The second one is a little photo box frame - its really sweet - the gorgeous guys inside are my brother in law and my son - not sure I should call my BIL gorgeous! LOL. Not sure its clear from the photo but the frame is about 1cm deep and the pic sits at the back of it - the aperture is covered with acetate. Really clever idea!
OK - thats it for now. Have to go and tidy up now!

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