Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fairy Castle

This is another workshop project - gosh, we are certainly getting lots of fun things to make - and its really challenging me!

OMG this was a nightmare for me!
The paint I used to paint the edges smeared with the glue I used to glue the papers! I should have used spray stick stuff but didnt (didnt have any!).
I found it soooo hard to cut the chipboard evenly. Then I tried to put it together - but only had a setter to make the holes....hubby ended up coming and helping me do it when he came in from work this evening!
THEN I decorated it, went to take the pic and the glitter glue ran!!! LOL - was able to wipe it up and it didnt leave a mark...oh and after that I knocked the camera on the floor, went to put away the George Foreman, knocked that on the floor and broke the handle!

Have decided NOT to attempt the next project tonight - lol x


Lorraine A said...

Ruthie ,, this is fantastic !! I wish I was on the workshop too !! fabulous project ! ;-)
I'm looking forward to what you make next :)

Lols x x

Diana said...

This is just GORGEOUS!!! Sometimes those projects that are disasters the whole time you work on them become your most favorite of all time.
I'm a major klutz myself so what you described - seems to happen to me almost every day. Sigh.

joey said...

Hi Ruthie

this is fantastic, A great girlie card and so much detail!

Thankyou for your kind words and support over my son, it means alot.

my5bratz said...

I was nervous when I read it was a nightmare as it was my first tutorial, then I read

glad you perserved, it's very pretty :0)