Thursday, 3 December 2009

Monkey and Libraries

Just thought I would post here quickly to highlight a couple of things with my other hat on!  When not crafting I work in libraries - yay!  We have a facebook reading group - so if you are on facebook go search for Havering Reading Group.  And we have a blog - Monkey Monkey!  - tis a take on Mums Monkey and is a monkey who travels around our libraries and generally shadows me in my job!  So much fun!  Well if you want a bit of an inside look on the life of a librarian...!!!!!  Havering Libraries are also on Twitter and Youtube - oh yes - there I am - the blonde Dawn French!  LOLx  I think the ID for both of these is HaveringLibraries - not original but it works!  Come and join us on Facebook or check out Monkey Monkey or one of the others!   Rx

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