Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aud Sentiments - LOVE

Love is in the air - doooo be doooo.  Are you feeling the lurve?  Well, we are all feeling the love over at Aud Sentiments because that's the challenge this time round!  

We have been sponsored by Mami Doodles and TLC gave us another fabby free sentiment to use.   The great thing about Aud's is that things are very flexible - so we can choose whether we want to use the sentiment, use the sponsor's image or whatever.  This time I decided to use the Mami Doodles image - well who could resist that cute mouse?

I did my usual dippy thing and forgot to adhere to the rules of the challenge!!!  The challenge is to use the word LOVE - yep, I didn't!  Well, I did eventually, but not to start with...I had to use some more of my fabby plaque thingies that came in my Crafty Weekend goodie bag....the weekend that keeps on giving!

Cuuuutttteee!  Hope you get the chance to join in with the challenge - go on...spread the love!


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