Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blog award - up for grabs!!!!

Hiya all

I have been quite busy lately and really havent had the chance to bloghop as much as I would have liked!  SO, I thought I would invite people to leave me a comment and get the chance for a blog award!  The plan is that you leave your blog on a comment on this post - then I will pop round and leave a lovely comment for you!  

Every so often, I will also give out the blog award.  I dont want to say that I will give it to X number of people, or how often for two reasons...first, there might be no comments on the post!  Second, I might want to award it to more than one person.  Third (yes, I know I only said two!) I might not remember to do it when I say I will so dont want to fib!

So - here is the award!  

If you want me to pop over and visit - and possibly win the blog award - then just leave me a comment below!  


1 comment:

Teri said...

Hope you get loads of comments hun!!! You should sticky this post at the top! xx