Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines in the Gedalovitch Household


I have decided that I will try and decorate our mantelplace for high days and holidays.  I made a banner for Christmas and that is safely packed away with the other decs.  

So here is the valentine's banner!  Needed to do it fairly quickly so it isnt very intricate!

This is my painting!  OK Tesco had the canvasses reduced price so I thought I would grab a couple for Josh and I to play with!

So - the big hearts are Tony and I, with the medium heart between us  being Josh!  The green hearts are mothers and the purple hearts brothers.  The silver hearts are the dads, who have passed.  Three other hearts are friends (we have more than 3 friends, but decided to have a group heart for each of us!) and the other silver heart is Josh's wife to be!!!  So funny! It was Josh's idea to add hearts for friends and his wife to be!  He is 10 so I am guessing it will be a while yet before we find out who that heart is for!


Yep, the one above is the one Josh did!  He detests doing crafty stuff - really hates it!  But we chatted about it and I kept telling him that he couldnt "do it wrong" which was his big fear!  And this is what he created - the big heart is dad, medium heart is me and little heart right in the middle is him! When he had finished he said it "wasnt too painful"!!

I just know we will treasure this painting for years to come!  We forgot to sign them, so we are going to do that (and date them) when we are sure they are dry.

Little heart ornament thingies - wanted to make something like this at Christmas but just ran out of time - this year though!  All the hearts were cut using my ecraft - so most of it was really quick - instant gratification!

Something to represent all the animals!  We have two cats (one of whom sat on my canvas and left a bum bump in it, luckily before I had painted it!), two guinea pigs, a rabbit, a lizard, a hamster and some fish!  We borrow the dog over the road for walks sometimes too!

And this is the finished mantlepiece....YAY!

Hope you have a fabby Valentines Day!  



misteejay said...

What a lovely way for the family to celebrate various occasions. Love all the heart bits that you came up with.

Toni xx

mckinkle said...

Hey Ruthie and Josh what a busy pair you have been this weekend!

I do love Josh's heart canvas that is just perfect! What a super keepsake too!

Im all intrigued now as Im thinking he may well have his eye on a particular 'wife to be'!!

What a joyful day you will all have tomorrow, enjoy!

Keryn x

Emma said...

All fabulous Ruthie and so sweet.
Hugs Emma x