Friday, 18 February 2011

Delicious Doodles - Bling it on!

Phew - am absolutely exhausted.  We run a book award in Havering and we had the voting day yesterday!  Just in case you are interested (if not just skip along down to the next bit!), we had three events!  We did the KS3 award in the morning....that's the secondary school children (12 years +) and they had a shortlist of 10 books to consider.  All of the books in the award are already prize winners so the award is called "Best of the Best" - or BOB to us!  The winner of this award was Malice by Chris Wooding.  Some of the schools had prepared presentations and we showed them and also had a quiz.  The hilight for me was having the truely fabby Sam Enthoven come and talk to the kids at both the morning and afternoon events.  He was so funny and the kids just loved him.  He has written three books so far, but he does want to go for world domination so there are more to come!  His books are very scary!

In the afternoon, we had the KS2 award event - similar to the morning, presentations, quiz and Sam but with younger kids - aged between 9-11.  The winner of this award was Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Returns.  Very funny books and no one was surprised by this one!

THEN>>>> in the evening, we had the adult event.  The adults only had 5 books to consider as we decided to focus on just the really big awards - for the children we use every award we know about and this gives us an initial list of about 60-70 for each one - 150 ish books to read between April and August as we get the list down to 10 for each!  I didnt read the adult books - time etc - but found out that we needed to do a presentation on one of the books (adults are much more shy than kids when it comes to this sort of thing!) - so about 10 days to read the book and get the presentation done!  I only get to read just before bed and kept falling asleep!  Finished the book at 12.05 AM on the morning of the event!  I decided the day before that I wouldnt talk at the event (I host the other two during the day and am quite bubbly and energetic so knew I would be flagging by then) so I just did a powerpoint presentation and that worked really well.

  The winner of the adult award was Wolf Hall - brilliant book that I didnt get through but am going to go on and finish now that I have seen the presentation!

Ho Hum - sorry for the diversion!


Delicious Doodles Challenge this week is to show your bling, glitter, glamour, shine etc....

I just couldnt get a good pic of all that bling!  Its a bag!  In case you hadnt guessed!

Well, gotta go to work in a minute - am running a meeting about our book festival...never stops!

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Teri said...

Poor you - all that work and no play time!! Loving the bag hun! Hope you have a quieter weekend. . .

misteejay said...

Love the bag - getting good pics of bling can be a right pain, can't it...

With regard to your comment on my blog Ruthie, I don't have Facebook but you are more than welcome to use anything about books from my post that you feel would be appropriate.

Have a good weekend.

Toni xx

Happy Days said...

Don't know where you found the time to make this beauty! Love it hun. x

Allison said...

love all the glitz

Jinny Newlin said...

Sounds like a super busy day, Ruthie! Your bag is darling! You did great at photographing that shine! I hate how pics take away so much from a gorgeous creation, though.