Friday, 11 February 2011

Not crafting - but you might want to read if you renew your breakdown cover with AA

Just thought I would post this quickly.  Have just saved myself over £100 in an 11 minute phonecall!  Ha ha - I sound like one of those dodgy salesmen!

Ok got renewal of AA breakdown cover through on Weds evening.  It was due for renewal yesterday!  So, they happily took the £163.54 out of my account yesterday.  Unfortunately I was working all day yesterday - and into the evening as I had to go and speak at a had no time to check t'internet for deals etc.

Got on there a little while ago to find the same deal (with the AA!) for only £99.  Not very happy methinks!  So I go and check out Green Flag....same deal (no restriction on callouts per year that I could spot, so possibly better!) and its showing at £57.24. 

Went through the phone number on my renewal information and after traversing the various options a little voice came up and said they were dealing with a high number of emergency phonecalls and to call back later - it then cut me off!  So - back to the website and found another number.  Lovely lady answered and said she would transfer me internally - she came back and said they didnt pick up but she could deal with it for me.  SO - explained why I was cancelling and said that I knew it wasnt her that set the prices but that I was cancelling due to finding a cheaper price.  Lovely lady said that the web price was a slightly different package - ie they have fewer callout opportunities - I explained that I hadnt called them out in the last two years, so that didnt really help.  Nice lady appreciated what I said (we were both very civilised!) and said she would sort the cancellation but it would cost £20!  Apparently this was admin because I hadnt cancelled before the renewal date.  I explained re not getting letter until Weds and she checked and said they would refund me in full.

PLEASE if you are with any breakdown companies - check your renewal notice against the web price - the lady told me that she could match the deal on the web for me (but Green Flag was cheaper anyway). 

I get very cross about this sort of thing (same with car insurance etc) - if you stay with the same company you get a higher premium than people who switch each year.  Now how is that right?  Surely its about retaining customers not keep getting new ones.  Green Flag give a "no callout" discount - they will surely get more retention!  I get really fed up when I think of all the people who just renew - my dad always stuck with the same insurance company as they "knew him there"...never mind the fact that they were loading his premium so that they could discount new joiners! 

I just thought it was time to spread this gem of information and encourage people to move car insurance and breakdown cover annually if they want the best deal!  I have spent about 45 mins on this in total - thats from picking up the letter, googling alternatives, talking to nice lady, confirming new cover and paying and posting this blog. £106 for 45 mins "work" sounds good to me!

I hope this helps someone save some pennies - hmmmmm wonder if hobbycraft are still open...I mean, I've just come into some money!!!!



mckinkle said...

Ha ha, well done Ruthie! I was giggling at the Hobbycraft comment (especially as you can get the same stuff for cheaper on ebay!!).

I agree with you, I think its terrible the way that loyalty these days equates with higher prices.

Only this afternoon I saw Martin Lewis (the money saving expert) on tv saying dont ever stay with any company at renewal as we will always end up paying more than a new customer! Madness!

But we all need to walk with our feet and stop giving them our business. Its not as if they aren't making a profit now is it!

What a great 45mins work youve had today! Good for you!

Keryn x

eiyiyi said...

Apparently a breakdown at AA in the UK is a VERY different thing than it is in the US. AA is Alcoholics Anonymous here. AAA (or Triple A) is the car service.

I was really uspset for you when I first read the title. Oh no, poor ruthie tippled (literally) off the wagon!

hugs to you pal, eileen