Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Crochet Wreath

In the evenings I crochet blankets...nice and simple, no pattern, just do it while you watch tv.

I have looked at Attic 24 website quite a lot - love the colours she uses - and have done a few bright blankets because of her.  

At the moment I am crocheting a is grey, with purple stripes, but mainly grey.  It will be a lovely blanket and will go with our lounge beautifully, but its grey!  I like the bright colours and I miss the bright colours.  So I thought I would have a break and crochet a wreath that I saw on Attic 24.  

I am going to add some more flowers to it - but still try and keep them just in the same area - not all over.....

I have gone back to the grey blanket for the time being, but when I needed another colour blast I will add to the flowers

Thanks for coming over - to the many, many late posts!!!!

Ruthie x

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