Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recycled tshirts - into a messenger bag! ....and a new tshirt!

Josh has just got to the point where he is outgrowing a lot of tshirts that he really likes.  So we sorted through, grabbed out all the ones that dont fit, but have fabby images on the front and I hit the internet.

So, the first plan was to cut an image off the front of one tshirt, then sew it onto the front of one that fits.  This was just as easy as it sounds - I heatbonded it first, just to make sure it didnt stretch as I was sewing it.  

Then I offered to make a Josh a messenger bag for school - I mean, its just one long strip, folded and sewn, add a handle...job done!  Yeah, right!

It took a bit more working out than I thought it would, so I dragged in hubby to give me a hand and together we worked it out.  

And here are the results....

The tshirt he is wearing is the one I put the image onto.  
Image of Josh removed

And the bag!  To stiffen the fabric and take some of the stretch out of it, I heatbonded the front and back of the tshirt together. 

I used the sleeve to make a pad for the handle.  And it took two tshirts in total.  This is the view with the flap up

And, yet another view!

I'm really pleased with how it came out (and the tshirt!), not sure I will be making another one anytime soon!

Next on the list is a throw made out of the rest of the tshirts!  I am thinking it will be easy, but then I thought the bag would be easy too!

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