Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Team Christmas Presents

I have a great team at work, in libraries.  They go out and do all the visits and promotion for us - and they are really lovely people - and boy, they work so hard!

I always want to buy them a little something, but it has to be the same sort of thing for each of them (no favourites) and it cant be too expensive (there are seven of them).  So I thought I would do the same as I did last year and just buy sweeties.  I decided to pretty up the tops and this is what the finished one looks like:

 The image is from Bugaboo - so cute!  I added sakura glitter pen to the beak, bells, belt and antlers.  I then covered the beak and bells with crystal effects, love how they look.  And finally, a little glitter!

These have to stay in a bag under my stairs, so I am not going to stick the rest of the toppers on until the day, that way I dont run the risk of them getting ripped or scrunched.

Hope everyone is feeling in the Christmas Spirit!  

Thanks for stopping by - Rx

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Juls said...

so cute!!! what a great gift! Hugs Juls