Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Josh's other birthday cards!

Well, I showed Josh's card with the Kenny K image on...so here are another couple I had to make him....

the first was from my mum - I used a Dustin Pike image for this one - had it in mind to use for a while!

I then remembered this image from Bugaboo and thought I had to use that one too! - I didnt have another person to make the card from - so I made it from....Pickles and Popcorn (the cats), Gramarian and Yoda (the guinea pigs), Gwim Weaper (the lizard - say it out loud, it works better!), Da Beast (really cute and fluffy hamster), Cat Treat (a rescued hamster), Mina (rescue bunny) and Pleco and pals (fish).

I really enjoyed colouring in both of these images - they took a bit of doing, but they were great fun!

Thanks for popping by today


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misteejay said...

Lovely bright & cheerful cards Ruthie. What fun images.

Toni xx