Friday, 20 May 2011

Delicious Doodles - Let the sun shine!

When Teri did this image I really loved it! - and I love it even more now it is coloured! 

The wooden frame is a separate image - so I just shoved the two together so I did some incredibly difficult combining in inkscape and ended up with the pic in a frame!

I then got to thinking how like a picture on a wall it looked - so thats what I did with it!  Well, in card form!  Talk about make do and son had bought a toy dart gun and the "string" came from that - knew it would come in handy!!!

Oh - and sorry this post was late up today - I usually either schedule them or put them up in the morning before work - but Josh had a Tudor day today and he was the jester ... typecast!  Obviously, this meant a bit of faffing - spraying hair red, facepaints etc.....

Oooo - forgot to say that our theme over at Delicious Doodles is "Let the sun shine", so anything summery!

Thanks for popping by today!


1 comment:

Teri said...

Fabulous combi job hun!
Josh looks like he had some fun - hope he doesn't get a rash from the face-paint. . .