Sunday, 15 May 2011

I thought it was all meant to be restored....

Funny how people see you differently isnt it?  Most people say I am really patient and tolerate alot of messing family and I know that I am most definitely NOT....but I was doing so well the last few days with Blogger.  

I read the information about the system rollback and thought it wasnt a big deal at all - well, not for me personally (might have thought differently if I had some sort of commercial need!).  I am very much in the "oh well, these things happen" brigade.  

I saw people's concerns and, in some cases, panic.  I stayed calm and patient....they say they are going to restore all the deleted posts, so no need to worry!  Then, this morning, I read that they had restored all deleted posts and it was business as usual....what???  The only sites they said would take longer were those with heavy content (mine is most certainly not one of those sites!lol).  

I am still being patient...although now I am having to work at it! 

I really appreciate Blogger - it's free, it works great (most of the time!) and I get on well with it.  I STILL really appreciate Blogger - these things happen.  I am going to hang on a couple more days to see if the posts I had up will suddenly reappear...if not, I will redo them - and I will still love Blogger (just perhaps not quite as much!).

Just thought I would post this up quickly in case you were wondering why I hadnt posted anything new recently!

Thanks for popping over and I hope your blogs all restored ok!



misteejay said...

I was lucky that I didn't lose any posts but this was only because the system went down before I had a chance to post anything on Thursday. I was more concerned about the lovely comments that folk had left that suddenly were no more...

Fingers crossed you get things sorted.

Toni xx

Larisa said...

well, I lost two posts too but they came back in a day, only the comments on that posts were lost absolutely..

Dragonlady said...

I was very much the same as you but my Thursday post hasn't returned yet either. As you say though, Blogger is free and at the end of the day I couldn't afford to pay for a service like this. I will just repost when I have the time. I have lost quite a few comments though and that is probably the most annoying bit. Ho hum!!!!

HUgs Ali x

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I feel the struggle to still play nice with blogger when he doesn't play nice with me but at the end of the day I have to remember I get what a pay for and since it is free I can't complain too bad...although I want to at times!! :)

Have a good week!