Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mini Milk Cartons

I am on holiday this week - look out Penrith Crafts!!!!  I am going with my son and mum, and my big brother will be up there for the first part of the week, with my best mate coming up for the second part of the week with her two children.  As its so close to Easter, I thought I would make a little milk carton for her two kids and Josh and then fill it with different sweets each day!  They are only up for three days so not too many sweets...and the milk cartons are tiny - about 5cm tall!

Notice the different colour clips for each child....gotta keep an eye that they dont get swapped...might mark the bottom of the boxes too!



misteejay said...

Cute idea Ruthie - have a good time.

Toni :o)

Victoria said...

these are so cute - I need that die!!

Have a fabby holiday, I'm loving looking at all your cupcakes. Ooh - another hobby to try!


Teri said...

Hope you have a fun holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! GREAT to see you and so much fun and laughter! Glad Josh came too! what a brilliant lad he is!

fab choco boxes! love them! fab idea too! hugs Samantha :0)