Friday, 8 April 2011

Delicious Doodles - Chocs and a bookmark!

I was so excited to see this challenge....use ribbons!  Hmmmmm, I thought it would challenge me a bit as I dont really use them very often (and only in a very basic way!).  And then my mojo ran away off down the pub!  Nightmare - as you know, its hard enough to get yourself to do basic stuff, let alone try and do something challenging!

We are sponsored this week by Crafty Ribbons - and they very kindly gave us a selection to play with - really lovely designs.  So, thinks me, nice and easy does it, dont scare the mojo, it might just be slinking back to me (from the pub, remember?)....well, the ribbon dragged back the mojo....but it had a filthy hangover!  Hmmmmm - I ended up just doing a bookmark!  BUT it really shows off the ribbon well!

 Ooooooo - look at these little gold bars!........

 Ahhhhh - they are Josh's chocs for his class pressies.  He breaks up for Easter hols tomorrow.  Used Delicious Doodles image and just a bit of jiggery pokery in inkscape, to produce the wrapper - already coloured of course.  It only took about 30 mins to put them together, including all the cutting, unwrapping and rewrapping - of course, took me longer to play with inkscape lol.

Oooo - nearly forgot....little bit about  Crafty Ribbons

We are an online ribbon emporium, a treasure trove of lush drop dead gorgeous ribbons - and a few buttons! Crafty Ribbons has a ribbon for every occassion, colour and width. If you need a little inspiration to use your ribbons and buttons then check out our blog where we offer a Friday FREEBIE, a chance to win some luscious ribbon every week and a project every wednesday.
Come and join in with our Ribbon World!

Thanks for looking - please pop on over to see the ways the others have used their ribbons!  If you win the challenge then you also win a great bag of ribbons too!



Teri said...

Super stuff hun! Isn't Joshy a generous boy!! LOL. Great idea to make a bookmark from the ribbons!

misteejay said...

Love those choccie bars - great job.

Toni xx

Allison said...

wonderful yummy idea

Happy Days said...

Fab bookmark and yum to those choccies! I'm gonna stop visiting you, cos it's torture over here atm - if it's not choccy it lushious cakes and I'm s'posed to be dieting!!! :D xx