Monday, 14 March 2011

Just a rules!

Have seen this sort of thing around and kept smiling at it... so thought I would knock one together quickly!  The corner is available over at Delicious Doodles (link in sidebar!), I just mirrored it vertically and horizontally to get the matching corner.

Kind of have a hankering to hang it on the back of our bathroom know, light reading whilst otherwise....ermmmm occupied!!!

Thanks for popping over!



Victoria said...

ha ha - I have a ceramic one of these hanging in my hallway It only has nine of your list on it though - mine is missing the whinge and cry one which are quite high up on the list of things that actually happen in my house!


Happy Days said...

Love it hun! x

Teri said...

Brilliant idea hun - hope they get the hint. . .!!

coldwaters2 said...

Totally brilliant idea Ruthie loving those corners big time, no good me doing one of these my son wouldn't read it, lol.
Lorraine x