Friday, 4 March 2011

Delicious Doodles - Make the card YOU would like to receive!

Ok - I actually suggested this...but when it came to it, I realised I didnt know what sort of card I would like to receive!  Butterfly Brain me, so I never sit still with an idea for long!

After a whole lot of thinking, I realised the card I would really like to get would be one made by my son Josh.  You will know about Josh by now, but in case you don't - he is my little nutter!  As they put it - he is doubly gifted - ADD and "gifted and talented" - so brilliant fun to have around.  Caring, loving - sticks up for his friends (even to the point of getting himself in trouble!) - and very funny!  BUT he doesnt do crafting - you may have seen a previous post where I showed you the painting he did - that was quite an achievement to get him to do that - doesnt DO sitting still either!

Anyway, enough waffle - I did get him to make the card!  From choosing the image - "she is gorgeous" - picking the coloured paper - "sunshiney bright, like you" (me!) - and the flower "everyone has to have flowers!". BUT the bit that really made me chuckle is when he insisted on putting the image on wonky (after colouring her with blue lips????) - because "everyone knows that to make it artistic it has to be wonky".....go figure!

Well, if you would like to join in the fun with us this week, why not pop on over to Delicious Doodles Challenges - link in the sidebar!



Teri said...

What a clever chap he is!! Blue lips too - very trendy! LOL
Big hugs to him hun,
Teri xx

Happy Days said...

Fab card Josh and you have so busted us "artists" :D

Allison said...

what a great job he did of making this fab card

Pascale said...

Gorgeous Josh your mum must be dead proud of her really arty son xxx Hugs Pascale

misteejay said...

Oh he has produced a super card...and yep, wonky is good.

Toni :o)

misteejay said...

Hi Ruthie, would like to share something with you over on my blog.

Toni xx