Sunday, 27 March 2011

I got two awards!!!

I am just so chuffed!  I got two blog awards!

I got this first one from Toni!  How lucky am I?  Please pop over and check out her blog - she is doing a really diverse range of things on there, from mug hugs to baskets! 

As with most awards, I need to tell you 8 things about me.....

1.  I used to bellydance - danced at my wedding and even danced at a nightclub where there were West Ham Footballers!

2.  As a family, we have 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a lizard, a rescue bunny, some fish, a hamster...and shhhhh another rescue hamster coming on Tuesday!

3.  I used to have a horse that I owned and a horse that I loaned - both Arabs and both beautiful

4.  I work in libraries, but also have a secret hankering to be an RE teacher (religious education) - I love finding out about other people's religions, even though I am not religious myself....I also would LOVE to have a faith myself.

5.  I have one brother and we are both adopted (from different families)

6.  I surf too much and this means I have less time to craft - which really bugs me when I do it!

7.  My spiritual home is the Lake District.  I spent long periods there as a child and try to get back every year - no jobs for hubby and me, else we would have been up there by now!

8.  I was given some singing lessons by hubby for a birthday present and was kinda good - teacher said I had sufficient range to do opera!!!  Yep - surprised me too!

Phew - that was quite hard going!

Now - I have to hand this award onto 8 other people - I havent done the counting but would like to give it to my teamies at AUD SENTIMENTS - there is a list in the sidebar and they are all very inspirational!  

And my second award is from CG - you have just gotta check out her piano hinge mini books!  I had never heard of them until I saw CG's blog!  

Now - as I have posted my 8 things above, I wont do that again!  Dont want to bore you twice!

So that leaves me to hand on this award to some other bloggers - and again, I am going to pass it onto my teamies at Delicious Doodles!  Normally I would pick individual peeps - but I think this award really suits them because they are so versatile!

Thanks Toni and CG!  Going to pop these awards in my sidebar now!



Saskia said...

Thanks for the lovely award!

Saskia (Delicious Doodles)

Teri said...

Congrats on the awards hun! And many thanks for mine!!
Teri xx

mckinkle said...

Oh well done Ruthie on your 2 fab awards!

I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you! Thats always the best bits for me after the award of course!

Thanks for forwarding the versatile award onto us all at DD, thats really smashing!

Keryn x