Thursday, 22 December 2011

Storage Jar snowflaked!

My husband took Joshua gift shopping the other day.  Josh picked up a jar of Liquorish Allsorts for Nanny, but they were £12!  Josh has a budget of £5 each present, so this was waaaay out of his pocket.  So, they carried on and then Tony spotted some acrylic storage jars.  He bought two packs of Allsorts and the jar with the idea that I would "do something" to them.  Of course, out comes the ecraft!  

So - here is the first picture of the plain storage jar - looook, you can see my laptop!  

 Here is the jar with snowflakes!  Cut from vinyl, using Lettering Delights snowflakes via Make the Cut and cut on the Ecraft!

 This is the lid - its actually a big pain in the butt to get the pictures!

And here is the final thing, complete with Allsorts! I think she will really love it as she can peel the snowflakes off when Christmas is over and use it as a plain jar. 

Thanks for popping by today - I know people are really busy and probably have little time to blog hop!


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Debbie said...

Great idea..much better than the boring (and expensive) pre-made jar!

Debbie x